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Decomposition Low temperature centrifuge use steps

2018/6/5 8:22:58      click :
  Low temperature centrifuge is one of our company's key products, mainly low-temperature high-speed centrifuge and low-temperature and low-speed centrifuge. The centrifuge adopts microcomputer control, touch panel, large-screen LCD display inverter motor drive, smooth operation, import compression Units, environmental protection refrigerant 10 kinds of speed selection, 40 kinds of custom work mode selection can be changed at any time during the operation of parameters, no need to stop the jog function, short-term centrifuge can adapt to a variety of capacity rotor and various adapters.
  In the process of using the cryogenic centrifuge, in order to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the centrifuge, and in order to prolong the useful life of the centrifuge, the operator must pay attention to some necessary operating methods. The following small series will explain in detail for everyone:
  1, before the use of cryogenic centrifuges, must be approved by the administrator before use, and do a good job with the relevant instrument usage records.
  2, for the same sample density, sample volume stress from the test tube mouth 3mm.
  3, the same density, the wall of the centrifuge tube into the bucket, and tighten the appropriate bucket cap, hanging on the corresponding bucket rack, note: If it is empty bucket also need to hang.
  4, open the Low temperature centrifuge power switch, with your foot on the pedal, while holding down the designated position by hand, the door will open automatically.
  5. Put the head of the suspending bucket straight down and gently on the drive shaft sleeve. To ensure the firmness, tighten the rotary head cover and press down the door cover with the hand while pressing the designated position.
  6, set the centrifuge-related parameters, including: rotor type, speed, temperature, time, frequency, etc., wait until the parameters are correct, press the start button.
  7. During the use of the cryogenic centrifuge, the user should pay attention to the state of use of the centrifuge in real time. After the centrifuge has set the rotation speed for 5 minutes, the user can leave.
  8. After the centrifugation is over, wait until the rotor stops operating to open the door cover, loosen the turning head cover, and remove the rotor head and put it on the special rack.
  9. Take out the bucket, loosen the bucket cap, and take out the sample. The bucket and bucket cap should be open and open at the designated positions. If there is any nightfall, remove the sealing ring, and then wash it upside down and place it on the tablecloth.
  10. After the cryogenic centrifuge is completed, turn off the instrument power and clean the condensate in the chamber. Note that the centrifuge door can only be closed when the chamber temperature is the same as the room temperature.
  With regard to the precautions in the use of cryogenic centrifuges, Xiao Bian introduced this to everyone, and more information about cryogenic centrifuges. Welcome to visit our website or directly to inquire!