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Look! Summary of the selection and operation of mini centrifuge

2018/11/9 13:07:54      click :
  Mini centrifuges are widely used in the life sciences as low- and medium-speed microcentrifugation. In routine life science experiments, precipitation or centrifugation of microtubes is an essential prerequisite for experiments.
  The purchase of the mini centrifuge is simple and simple, but it is difficult to analyze it in detail. First of all, from the choice, the online suppliers are diverse, the products are similar, especially the appearance, and some are very similar!
  At this time, we must look at whether the technical parameters of the centrifuge meet our technical requirements, such as the speed, the mini centrifuge provides you with 6K mini centrifuge, 7K mini centrifuge, 10K mini centrifuge, again this is the centrifuge Whether the machine work is stable, whether there is noise reduction function, that is, the quality of the motor. Now many centrifuges make a loud sound when working and the work is extremely unstable. Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has added noise reduction to the centrifuge provided for you. Function, when the centrifuge is working, the sound is very small. And the occupied place is very small, this is the so-called mini centrifuge.
  In short, the quality of a centrifuge can not only look at the appearance, the motor part is also very important. Don't just look at the price to buy cheaper and buy products that are not suitable for you.
  Shanghai Luxiangyi Mini Centrifuge has exquisite appearance, colorful color, streamlined design, small size and patented mute technology, ultra-low noise operation, micro DC motor and carbon fiber rotor.
  Speaking of the selection, we must talk about the operation, the correct operation of the mini centrifuge is to reduce the damage of the centrifuge and extend the life of the palm centrifuge, so that customers can save time and reduce economic costs!
  1. The body should always be in a horizontal position, the voltage of the external power supply system should be matched, and a good grounding wire is required.
  2. Before starting the mini centrifuge, check whether the rotor is installed securely, and whether there is any foreign matter falling into the machine cavity.
  3. The sample should be pre-equilibrated. When using a centrifuge tube, the centrifuge tube and the sample should be balanced at the same time.
  4. When the volatile or corrosive liquid is centrifuged, use a centrifuge tube with a cover to ensure that the liquid does not leak, so as not to corrode the machine cavity or cause an accident.
  5. Record the usage status after each operation, and regularly check the performance of the machine.
  6. When cleaning the mini centrifuge chamber, the action should be light, so as not to damage the temperature sensor inside the chamber.
  7. If abnormal phenomena are found during the centrifugation process, the power should be turned off immediately and reported to the relevant technical personnel for inspection.
  After reading the above information, do you have a certain understanding of the mini centrifuge? At least there will be some understanding in the selection and operation. Welcome to consult and exchange. Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serve you!