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Shanghai Lu Xiangyi L800R Super Refrigeration Centrifuge makes its debut at the 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair

2019/5/16 10:12:33      click :

On May 14, 2019, the 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair (Spring of 2019) was grandly opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. At this fair, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. was also one of the key exhibitors.

At this fair, Lu Xiangyi brought a variety of centrifuge equipment, such as desktop high-speed centrifuges, desktop low-speed centrifuges, desktop refrigerated centrifuges, floor-standing centrifuges, etc. With advanced technology, these devices have attracted domestic and foreign exhibitors to stop and negotiate.

According to reports, the L800R large refrigerated centrifuge, which is favored by foreign customers, adopts the new technology of PLC control system, can print the unmodifiable PDF format control system, and detect and print on site. “Customers have given a high evaluation of this new technology. They have affirmed the continuous improvement of China's centrifuge technology,” said the relevant staff.

PLC control system, Programmable Logic Controller, programmable logic controller, a digital operation computer designed for industrial production, is the core part of industrial control, plays an important role in motion control, process control and other fields. .
“Even if a CPU fails, the entire system can still operate normally.” According to the staff, the power of the PLC controller plays an important role in the whole system. Without a good, reliable power system, the equipment is not working properly, so PLC manufacturers pay great attention to the design and manufacture of power supplies. Generally, the AC voltage fluctuation is within +10% (+15%), and the PLC controller can be directly connected to the AC grid without taking other measures.

Lu Xiangyi centrifuge realizes more than one thousand data storage, three-level password management, and good docking printing function, which brings good news to customers who need to record data. Especially for biopharmaceutical companies, the SFDA can call up data at any time during the supervision process to achieve simultaneous printing of current data, and all data files are exported in an unmodifiable PDF format.
What are the advantages of the PDF format? Lu Xiangyi staff said that the format has the ability to prevent others from inadvertently touching the keyboard to modify the contents of the file. After the PDF format, the occupied memory space will be reduced, which is convenient for transmission and carrying. PDF can avoid the incompatibility and font replacement problems generated by other software, which greatly improves the flexibility of the document.
In addition, the user browses the page more conveniently, and can zoom in or out at will. “The PDF format also supports printing and adding comments, etc., which is convenient and practical,” the staff said.
Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has a long history and strong technical force. From the establishment of the company to the present, it has been committed to promoting the innovative development of domestic centrifuges. At present, Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuges are constantly entering foreign markets, such as exports to the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. More than 30 countries including Canada and Thailand. It continuously improves the manufacturing process and product precision of the centrifuge, and contributes to the development of the domestic medical device industry.