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Demystifying the mystery of the market price of centrifuges

2018/11/19 11:41:14      click :
The price of centrifuges is varied in the market, which is troublesome for the newly-introduced centrifuge, especially in the selection.
Today, Xiaobian made a simple analysis on the price of centrifuges. After reviewing many aspects, Xiaobian believes that the three main factors are the following three points:
Part 1: The price of domestic centrifuge is different from the price of imported centrifuge. As far as the current status of the industry is concerned, the price of the two is difficult to approach in a short period of time. Why is the imperfection of domestic centrifuge technology not mature? The centrifuge is still fragrant, the market determines the price, and the other is that the imported centrifuge passes through the level checkpoints, such as tariffs and setting up offices in the country or looking for the general agent and the cost of advertising is much higher than the domestic centrifuge, thus causing The gap in price.
Part 2: The overall configuration and performance of the centrifuge, the configuration is directly proportional to the performance, of course, it is directly proportional to the price, there will be some differences in performance and configuration of different prices. The function is high, the degree of intelligence is high, the quality is good, and the price is correspondingly high. For example, with freezing function, concentrating function and intelligent, using touch screen control system, all stainless steel structure, using carbon fiber rotor, the higher the speed Centrifuges are more expensive than regular centrifuges.
Part 3: After-sales guarantee and product quality, the same parameters but the difference in the quality of the accessories also caused the price difference, such as DC motor, brushless motor, inverter motor, centrifuge rotor material, centrifugal chamber, centrifuge shield Materials and the like have led to differences in the price of centrifuges, and the more expensive the after-sales service guarantees.
After reading the above three points, you can basically understand that the price of the centrifuge is not fixed by the manufacturer. There is a reason for this. At this time, are you sighing in your heart, it is difficult to buy a cost-effective centrifuge! Next, Xiaobian recommended a manufacturer for you, a manufacturer specializing in the production of centrifuges for many years - Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd., the old brand, more assured!
After more than 40 years of development, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has designed and produced the domestic high-speed refrigerated centrifuge GL-25M. A domestic continuous flow rotor of 316L stainless steel was produced. Based on the 2400ml square cup, the ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge has developed a 2000ml round cup that is easy to extract from the pharmaceutical industry. It is equipped with a 316L stainless steel centrifugal cup. The design of the round cup provides a high-quality package for the pharmaceutical industry certification enterprises. The core centrifuge designed to achieve high-speed centrifugal speed of 12000 rpm of horizontal rotor, designed a special centrifuge for measuring soil PF curve, providing equipment guarantee for petroleum analysis and exploration and agricultural science.