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Problems prone to refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge software debugging

2019/1/28 13:41:31      click :
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge is a kind of centrifuge which is more common in the modern centrifugal market. It is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, etc. It is used by modern hospitals, research institutes and universities. One of the necessary instruments for centrifugation.
  Through this article, you will learn about the debugging and operation of refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge software. I hope that after reading this article, it will help you to use your later centrifuge.
  First, the flow of refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge software operation
  In the debugging of the prototype, we have determined the control subroutine of seven different rotor models, which is suitable for the rotor of a rotor of several thousand to 30,000 revolutions. In actual operation, the user needs to input the required use through the keyboard. The rotor model is OK.
  Second, the results of refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge software operation
  During the whole operation process, the centrifuge has a control failure and system mechanical failure. It is timely to detect and alarm, and close all control objects in time to minimize the loss of the centrifuge. At the same time, if it is running Any abnormal conditions found in the following, such as: button damage, display is not normal, etc., should promptly remind the operator, and make relevant records.
  Third, the problem solving in the debugging of refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge
  1. During the operation of the high-speed refrigerating centrifuge, due to the limitations of the centrifugal environment, it is easy to be subject to various disturbances, which easily causes the “refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge program” to “run away”.
  1) Users can take relevant software anti-interference measures to avoid this problem;
  2) In addition to white reset measures on the product hardware, shielding isolation measures should be strengthened;
  3) Use an independent power supply (phase separation with the interference source) or a UPS power supply for the refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge;
  4) The addition of an IRC absorption circuit to the relay coil also avoids this problem.
  2. During the operation process, the sampling signal is unstable, which affects the reliability of the refrigerated high-speed centrifuge centrifuge. In this case, we suggest that the hardware filter circuit can be used in the front stage.
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