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Lu Xiangyi products gradually go to the world and export to Mexico, Canada and other countries.

2018/12/22 9:05:32      click :

  In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of centrifugal technology, China's centrifuge equipment has made great progress. At present, the centrifuges on the market are versatile, with a wide variety of products and a high degree of automation. Some domestic centrifuge companies are striving to push products overseas while meeting domestic demand.
  It is reported that Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lu Xiangyi) has been actively expanding its international market while satisfying domestic sales with increasing popularity. At present, Lu Xiangyi centrifuge products are gradually moving into the world. Recently, Lu Xiangyi is packing a batch of products and sending them to Mexico, Canada and other countries and regions.

Lu Xiangyi staff is packing centrifuge products for overseas

  It is reported that the products exported by Lu Xiangyi are mostly centrifugal products such as desktop low-speed centrifuges, low-speed large-capacity centrifuges, and high-speed refrigerated centrifuges. They are mainly used in overseas basic medical, scientific research laboratories, and teaching instruments. Compared with the traditional centrifuge equipment, Lu Xiangyi's products have solved many problems such as inconvenient operation of experimental instruments, huge expenditure, unstable performance and insufficient environmental protection conditions.
  Shanghai Lu Xiangyi, on behalf of China, manufactures centrifuge products with numerous advantages.
  For example, in operation, it adopts microcomputer control, DC brushless motor drive, stable operation, low noise, high speed precision; touch panel, programmable operation, host operation parameters can be set and automatically stored according to requirements; large screen LCD display and digital Display is available for selection, user-friendly interface, easy to operate; real-time rpm/RCF reading conversion and setting, convenient and fast.
  In terms of safety, Lu Xiangyi centrifuge is equipped with electronic door locks, with door cover self-locking, over-speed, over-temperature and other protection functions; automatic fault alarm function, safe and reliable; using food grade silicone rubber integral sealing ring, in line with GMP certification The centrifuge is FDA-approved; with a 9-program rise/fall rate curve, the rise/deceleration time can be set as needed.
  It is worth mentioning that Lu Xiangyi is a Chinese centrifuge company that has obtained FDA certification in the United States. He has also passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification and ISO13485:2003 quality system certification and CE certification. Therefore, in terms of product quality and performance reliability, Let the industry people have a reputation. This is also the reason why many customers at home and abroad choose Lu Xiangyi centrifuge.

Lu Xiangyi staff is packing centrifuge products for overseas

  At present, Lu Xiangyi centrifuge products can be widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields, and become an indispensable instrument for centrifugation at all levels of hospitals, research institutes and universities.
  In addition, as a manufacturer of centrifuges in China, Lu Xiangyi centrifuges to control the “customer service” into the important part of the enterprise quality assurance system, and establish a perfect service network system, which can provide and design perfect according to customer needs. s solution.
  “Lu Xiangyi is constantly gaining praise and recognition from his customers for his products. He is also proactive and strict in controlling quality. He always adheres to the quality policy of “Quality First, Credit First” to make pre-sales and sales for customers. Medium and after-sales service."
  Lu Xiangyi Company also sincerely welcomes more users to carry out centrifuge test experiments, and is willing to make every effort to provide satisfactory experimental solutions for the customer's experimental needs, and jointly promote the development and demand of laboratory instruments!