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The improvement of centrifuge technology includes two categories of innovation and improvement.

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  If centrifuge manufacturers want to achieve long-term development, we must pay attention to the improvement of technology, including innovation and improvement. One straightforward one is to add new functions on the basis of the original, and the other is to use the original functions. Based on the improvement, the purpose of the improvement is to achieve higher and better efficiency of the centrifuge. Throughout the development of all walks of life, technology renewal is undoubtedly the driving force for enterprise development. Management and large-scale production are the cornerstones for the rapid development of enterprises. Domestic centrifuge manufacturers should adjust their strategies to the international level, strengthen technology updates, invest more funds into the R&D team, improve management, and align with internationalization. It is reported that the development trend of the foreign centrifuge market is intelligent, easy to control, liberate the labor of the operators, and at the same time help to promote the communication through various export marketing communication strategies and customer cultivation technology booths.
  When the main power indicator of the centrifuge is not lit, check whether the indicator fuse and the indoor distribution board fuse are blown. Also check whether the power line is in good contact. If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse and keep the circuit unblocked. Should also check the centrifuge vacuum pump table and oil pressure indication value, if the oil pressure is too high and the host can not start, you must check whether the oil circuit is blocked, especially if the throttle hole is unblocked, if it is not smooth, it should be cleaned to make it smooth. The bearing of the centrifuge is damaged or the rotation is blocked. There is no oil in the bearing or there is more dirt in the bearing, which causes the frictional resistance to increase. If the motor does not reach the rated speed, the bearing should be cleaned or replaced in time.
  When the rotor rotates at a high speed, the air friction generates heat, the rotor temperature rises, and the temperature of the sample in the test tube rises. Because biological samples are sensitive to temperature. It is generally required that the temperature be maintained at 4 ° C in the centrifugation experiment. Without the computer-controlled intelligent technology, it is impossible to achieve an accuracy of ±1 °C. Therefore, the centrifugal chamber is cooled by a refrigerator to achieve the purpose of cooling the rotor and cooling the temperature of the sample. However, it is extremely difficult to measure the actual temperature of the rotor in rotation. At home and abroad, a temperature sensor is disposed near the rotor at the bottom of the centrifugal chamber to measure the rotor temperature indirectly. Here T sample = T cavity + T compensation. The T compensation is in turn related to the type of rotor, the speed and the running time.
  The centrifuge is rotated by the motor with the rotor at high speed. In the past, the motor was a DC motor with a carbon brush. When the centrifuge was running, the carbon brush was worn, causing sparks, noise and even vibration, and it had a long life. At that time, it was necessary to replace the carbon brush and then operate again. What is more serious is that carbon brush wear brings carbon dust pollution, which not only pollutes the centrifuge, but also pollutes the surrounding environment. This pollution is not suitable for the health industry. The rotor of the centrifuge is mainly divided into two types: horizontal rotor: the running blue is in a horizontal state during operation, and is at right angles to the rotating shaft. The sample concentrates the sediment on the bottom of the centrifuge tube: the angle rotor: the centrifugal container forms a fixed angle with the rotating shaft, and the sample will precipitate. Focus on the bottom of the tube and the side wall near the bottom. If you want the separated sample to be concentrated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube, select the horizontal rotor. If you want the sample to concentrate on the bottom of the centrifuge tube and the side wall near the bottom, select the angle rotor.
  The typical form of analog technology is to twist the knob to select operating parameters (such as speed, temperature and time) and display the data with the hands of the dial. The disadvantage is that the reading value of the selected parameter and the data is interfered by the operator and the person of the reading person, and the control precision is poor. And this is the case every time, and the repeatability is poor. Although some centrifuges display digital display (such as the value of the knob and digital display), although the reading has improved, the value principle is still analog technology; the typical display form of digital display is user-friendly, keyboard operation, digital display The whole computer control of programmable operation, whose core is intelligent control, is realized by computer. All parameters required for the operation of the centrifuge (such as speed, temperature, time, acceleration and deceleration rate files, etc.), keyboard operation input, and digital display, so the choice of operating parameters and readings error is minimal. And because it is a programmable operation, a set of operating parameters can be numbered and accessible.