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Lu Xiangyi three GL-12MS large capacity refrigerated centrifuges sent to Chengdu Pharmaceutical Factory

2019/5/5 13:54:38      click :

On the afternoon of April 30, Lu Xiangyi centrifuge rushed to the first day of the May Day holiday, and a batch of GL-12MS large-capacity refrigerated centrifuges with 1000ml*6 angle rotors were packaged and sent to a high-tech high-tech enterprise in a well-known biopharmaceutical country in Chengdu. I hope that this batch of centrifuges can achieve greater productivity and efficiency!

With the development of the world economy, the increase of the total population, the aging of the society and the awareness of residents' health care, the global demand for medicines is strong, especially the rapid growth of emerging markets has driven the continuous growth of the global pharmaceutical market. Focusing on the domestic aspect, more than 95% of China's existing 189,000 drug approvals are generic drugs, and the original research drugs are few and far between, and the effects of generic drugs have always been criticized. As early as 2017, China's generic drug market has reached 500 billion yuan, and generic drugs are still the mainstay of the domestic pharmaceutical consumer market. In fact, there has always been a saying in domestic pharmaceutical companies that the basic requirements for medicines are safe and effective, but they are rather ineffective and safe. The eyes of the masses are sharp, and they will not buy them for invalid drugs.
Chengdu is located in a subtropical humid region with complex topography and landscape, diverse natural ecological environment and abundant biological resources. A large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers have been promoted here, such as Taiji Group, Sichuan Tiantai Mountain, Chengdu Haitong, Sichuan Konkale, Sichuan Kelun, etc. are all well-known local pharmaceutical companies. Recently, a large pharmaceutical factory in Chengdu purchased three GLs from Lu Xiangyi. The -12M large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge is equipped with a 1000ml*6 angle rotor, which will be used to improve the research and development capabilities and production efficiency of the new original research drug, and to increase the market share of domestic generic drugs and original research drugs.
GL-12MS large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge can be widely used in clinical medicine, bioengineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical and other fields. The maximum speed of this machine can reach 12000r/min, the maximum capacity can reach 2000ml*4, and the food grade silicone rubber is equipped. The sealing ring is GMP certified. Recently, Lu Xiangyi successfully designed the application of the boring fixture, which will greatly improve the punching accuracy of the large-capacity rotor. The test indexing accuracy, hole depth accuracy, and aperture accuracy error of the clamping are almost zero. The rotor is tested by a dynamic balancing machine. The unbalance amount is 0.5 g. The application of this new technology. It not only helps pharmaceutical companies reduce costs, but also improves research and development efficiency and drug purity in the experimental and production processes.

Although China is currently a large generic drug country, the number of generic drugs and specifications is huge, and the quality of most domestic generic drugs is far from the original drug. It is difficult to seize the market of imported original drugs. Imported original drugs still occupy most of the market in China. Share. However, with the continuous improvement of domestic pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical production technology, the quality and efficacy of domestically produced drugs will also achieve a qualitative breakthrough, and gradually close the market with the original imported drugs on behalf of the difference and eventually achieve replacement.
Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has a long history and strong technical force. From the establishment of the company to the present, it has been committed to promoting the innovation and development of domestic centrifuges. At present, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's centrifuge expansion international market has been exported to the United States, Germany, More than 30 countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, and Thailand. At the same time of satisfying domestic sales in China, we have been paying attention to the development of pharmaceutical companies. By continuously improving the manufacturing process and product precision of centrifuges, we have helped domestic pharmaceutical companies in the development of generic drugs and original drugs.