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From the maintenance and features, the difference between high speed and low speed of refrigerated centrifuge

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  The refrigerating centrifuge has a high speed and low speed. Today, Xiaobian makes a brief introduction on the maintenance difference and characteristics of the high speed refrigerating centrifuge and the low speed refrigerating centrifuge!
  High-speed refrigerated centrifuges should always check the rotor and test centrifuge tubes for cracks, aging, etc. If necessary, timely replacement. To ensure the safety and centrifugal effect of high-speed refrigerated centrifuges, high-speed refrigerated centrifuges must be placed at a solid level. On the countertop, no items should be placed on the plastic door. The samples must be placed symmetrically and the nut must be tightened before the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is turned on.
  After the test is completed, the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge should be wiped clean to prevent corrosion of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge. If the specific gravity of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge exceeds 1.2g/cm3, the maximum speed n is calculated as follows: n=nmax*√--1.2 / sample Lv. When the motor carbon brush length of the centrifuge is less than 6mm, it must be replaced in time. Do not open the cover when the centrifuge is not stopped. The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge must have reliable grounding. After the end of the experiment, please turn off the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge. When the power switch on the back of the machine is turned off and the power plug of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge is removed, please don't forget to turn on the power switch behind the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge. Please pay attention to the requirements of “5.6, 5.7” in daily use. Shut down in strict accordance with the on/off procedure of the high-speed refrigerated centrifuge.

Refrigerated centrifuge

  High-speed refrigerated centrifuge instrument features:
  ◆Automatic rotor recognition system.
  ◆ Large-screen LCD display, showing setting parameters and operating parameters at the same time.
  ◆The host and rotor operating parameters are automatically stored; the rotor life is automatically calculated and alarmed.
  ◆ Direct drive with high torque brushless variable frequency motor, large starting torque and short acceleration time.
  ◆It has various protection functions such as unbalanced, door cover self-locking, over-temperature and over-speed to ensure personal and machine safety.
  ◆The RCF value can be set to directly centrifuge, no need to set the speed.
  ◆Imported fluorine-free compressor unit (refrigerant R404a) to meet environmental protection requirements.
  After reading the maintenance and features of the above high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, let's talk about the low-speed refrigerated centrifuge!
  Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge instrument features:
  ◆Advanced performance
  Microcomputer control; DC frequency conversion adjustment, DC brushless motor, no toner pollution, low noise, low vibration.
  ◆Easy operation
  Touch panel, digital display, programmable operation.
  ◆ Wide range of applications
  Suitable for the separation of radioimmunity, biochemistry, and blood products
  The maintenance of the low speed refrigerated centrifuge is as follows:
  1. Regular maintenance. As with other medical instrument maintenance, in addition to the routine inspection and maintenance of the circuit, electronic circuit and mechanical rotating parts, and pay attention to the various indicators for damage and aging.
  2. Centrifuge cover bolts should be checked frequently to keep them flexible and prevent forced opening or closing. When there is contact failure, repair and replace it in time. For common faults, it is necessary to strengthen the attention and observe in time.
  3. Keep the centrifugal cup symmetrically balanced. Although the centrifuge has a secondary damping device, such as the sample tube placed in the centrifugal chamber is unbalanced, it will cause the centrifuge to shift. After the shutdown is reset, it is necessary to carefully check whether the instrument is normal.
  4 Do the registration work of the centrifuge and the working time of each working time, record the original fault of the instrument and the method of elimination in time to ensure the working state of the instrument.
  The above is the difference between the two aspects of the high and low speed refrigerating centrifuge shared by Xiaobian today. The space is limited. Next time we will discuss more about the refrigerated centrifuge in more depth!