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Lu Xiangyi newly purchased two CNC machine tools to cope with the high-speed growth of centrifuge orders

2019/7/1 14:30:23      click :

In recent years, pharmaceutical policies are tilting towards companies with innovative capabilities, and further boosting the scale of the pharmaceutical market. Under this trend, the demand for centrifuges in China continues to increase, and more innovative and innovative centrifuge products are flooding the market, creating more possibilities for the application of centrifuges.

Affected by policies and market factors, the pace of development of China's centrifuge industry is accelerating, and many enterprises have upgraded their centrifuge products by introducing and digesting foreign advanced technologies and independent innovation levels. Some enterprises have also promoted domestic centrifuges to go abroad through independent innovation.

Lu Xiangyi newly purchased two CNC machine tools

In order to deepen the development of the centrifuge industry, improve its own competitiveness, and in response to the growing demand in the market environment, recently, the centrifuge leader Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lu Xiangyi") new purchase Two CNC machine tools were used to cope with the increase in production.

Lu Xiangyi said: "In the near future, our centrifuge production orders have been growing. Although the processing line has been fully opened, it still cannot meet the demand speed of centrifuge parts. Therefore, we immediately introduced two high precision from Shenyang First Machine Tool. CNC machine tools are added to the production plant sequence to keep up with the production schedule."

According to Lu Xiangyi's relevant personnel, the purchased CAK4085 series CNC machine tools are the leading products of Shenyang's first machine tool. They adopt advanced modular design methods, apply modernized group process technology, and use special line production management methods for manufacturing.

Lu Xiangyi staff for disassembly

Based on the CKS series universal full-function CNC lathe with complete technology and technology, Shenyang No.1 Machine Tool developed and developed the turning machining center and turning flexible unit, and applied the world's advanced machineless functions such as frameless built-in electric spindle. component. At present, this series of products has reached the domestic leading level in the development, design, development and production of numerical control products.

The newly purchased CNC machine tool not only reflects the market's recognition of Lu Xiangyi centrifuge, but also further reflects the advanced technology and level of Lu Xiangyi centrifuge technology. Lu Xiangyi has many years of experience in the production of centrifuges, and uses the domestic sophisticated production equipment manufacturing technology, the quality of the centrifuge produced has won praise from many customers.

Lu Xiangyi factory appearance

Since its development, Lu Xiangyi has always adhered to the principle of high quality, and has achieved good pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and has won the support of many well-known customers at home and abroad.

Regarding the current achievements, Lu Xiangyi believes that "high-quality products depend on reliable design, qualified raw materials, advanced technology and production equipment, etc. This is unobjectionable. Similarly, a good production environment is to ensure product quality. basic condition."

Lu Xiangyi factory appearance

Since its inception, Lu Xiangyi has stood out from the industry with superior quality and excellent service. The company has also formed a complete system from the production, sales, and after-sales service of its equipment. Its centrifuge products are exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Thailand.

Lu Xiangyi said: "'Continuous innovation, facing the future' is the goal pursued by Lu Xiangyi. We will do our utmost to provide high-quality products and services to users, and we are willing to establish extensive technical cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign enterprises. Welcome new Old customers went to Lu Xiangyi to inspect and negotiate."