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The pharmaceutical technology of biopharmaceutical centrifuges plays an important role in the development of the pharmaceutical industry

2019/2/26 14:35:10      click :
  As a high-tech, pharmaceutical technology of pharmaceutical centrifuges has opened up broad prospects for the development of related industries such as medical industry and pharmaceutical industry, greatly improving people's lives and improving work productivity. Therefore, biotechnology has been identified by the world as a key technology and emerging industry for the development of science and technology in the 21st century.
  The pharmaceutical centrifuge is specialized in liquid solid two-phase, liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation with small solid particles and very close specific gravity. It is an essential equipment for many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products and beverage products. The working principle is to effectively separate the materials of different specific gravity by strong centrifugal action, thereby achieving the separation purpose.
  The pharmaceutical centrifuge has no carbon brush and large torque frequency conversion motor, maintenance-free, fast lifting speed; imported fluorine-free compressor unit, precise temperature control; automatic door lock, overspeed, over-temperature automatic protection, unbalance protection, the body is made of high-quality steel structure, It is safe and reliable; it can compress and remove the bubbles generated by various gels at different temperatures. According to the needs of users, we can produce rotors with different shapes and specifications. Widely used in blood stations, pharmaceutical plants, biochemistry, biological products and other production research units, is the ideal equipment for blood separation, protein precipitation, cell separation and collection.
  Pharmaceutical centrifuge performance characteristics:
  1. Adopt AC variable frequency motor.
  2, with a soft brake function.
  3. It has the rotor number recognition function.
  4, can be used to separate water and oil in the core.
  With the continuous expansion of the application field of pharmaceutical centrifuges, there are currently more than a hundred varieties of rotor types. Angle rotors, vertical rotors, flattened rotors and drum rotors, as well as a wide range of test tubes and brackets for almost all centrifugation operations. In order to facilitate the user and increase the interchangeability, the centrifuge rotor of Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. can be used for rotors of various models. The pharmaceutical centrifuge uses a flat rotor hood to greatly reduce the wind resistance during operation. Under the same motor power consumption, the rotor speed of a separate 14.4 liter capacity is increased from 3200 rpm to 4000 rpm.
  The pharmaceutical centrifuge is a sample analysis and separation instrument that integrates mechanical, electronic, refrigeration, vacuum, materials and other technologies. It is widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of different sedimentation factors by the centrifugal force field generated by high-speed rotation. In the fields of biomedicine, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene, etc., it uses the difference in precipitation speed of different substances in the centrifugal force field to realize the analysis and separation of samples.