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Shanghai Lu Xiangyi “One Family One Program” to realize your private customization of centrifuge

2019/1/10 11:02:43      click :
  The biopharmaceutical centrifuge is literally known to be a centrifuge that is only suitable for research in the biopharmaceutical industry!
  The two industries of biology and pharmaceuticals are quite strict. These are related to the health problems of people's livelihood, and they are not allowed to be sloppy. Therefore, the requirements for centrifuges are also higher!
  The main focus of the biopharmaceutical centrifuge must be the tightness of the seal, which is to avoid cross-infection of the separated substances!
  According to incomplete statistics, as of 2018, there are more than 2,000 kinds of biological drugs under development all over the world, and nearly 1,800 of them are in clinical trials. It can be seen that biopharmaceuticals must be rigorous and rigorous. treat!
  Therefore, the production of biopharmaceutical centrifuge equipment is also cautious and cautious!
  Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Zhoupu Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The company covers an area of ??7,000 square meters and a standard factory building of 9,000 square meters. The branch is located in the Changsha High-tech Zone, Hunan Province, with a standard factory building of 3,000 square meters. This is a centrifuge manufacturer with more than 40 years of production history. During the period, it obtained a variety of centrifuge certificates, such as the safety production standardization three-level enterprise (mechanical) certificate, ISO 13485:2003 quality management system certification, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Baidu reputation certificate. (SGS) China Manufacturing Network Certification Supplier Certificate, etc. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Lu Xiangyi is a Chinese company that has obtained FDA certification for a centrifuge!
  Therefore, whether it is financial, human, material or technical knowledge, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. is trustworthy and entrusted in the centrifuge industry!
  Each biopharmaceutical centrifuge produced by Shanghai Lu Xiangyi is widely used in clinical medicine, biology, genetic engineering, immunology, etc. It is suitable for the separation and purification of radioimmunoassay, water treatment, biochemistry, biopharmaceuticals and blood products.
  In general, the centrifuge has the following seven functions:
  1. Microcomputer control, high torque AC variable frequency motor drive, stable operation, low noise and high speed precision.
  2. It adopts imported high-performance compressor unit and fluorine-free refrigerant R404a, which meets environmental protection requirements and has good refrigeration effect.
  3, touch panel, programmable operation, host operating parameters can be set according to requirements and automatically stored.
  4, digital screen display, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.
  5, real-time rpm / RCF reading conversion and setting, convenient and fast.
  6, equipped with electronic door locks, with door cover self-locking, overspeed, over temperature, unbalance and other protection functions; automatic fault alarm function, safe and reliable.
  7. With 10 program up/down rate curves, the up/down time can be set as needed.
  At the same time, while meeting these seven points, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi can also customize the corresponding centrifuge function according to customer needs. The simple sentence is: a customer a centrifuge program, so choose Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd., rest assured!