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Is your laboratory centrifuge balanced?

2019/3/11 14:56:38      click :
  There are many types of laboratory centrifuges, and the popular ones are bench type, which are better placed and smaller. But it is a little bigger than a mini centrifuge.
  Common laboratory centrifuges typically include benchtop high-speed centrifuges, low-speed centrifuges, and desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuges with refrigeration capabilities.
  In fact, the high and low speed of the laboratory centrifuge is selected according to the experimental object. It is not that the high speed is good, the low speed is not good, and some experimental materials need to be separated at a low speed. This is also true. In short, the experiment The choice of chamber centrifuge should be determined according to the needs of its own experimental objects, communicate with the merchants, and customize if necessary.
  Other functions, such as freezing, multi-volume or trace, these problems are the same as the high-low speed selection, clearly understand the possible conditions of the experiment, just choose the right laboratory centrifuge!
  In fact, the selection of laboratory centrifuges is not afraid, and "flat" is the key. There is such a saying on the Internet - "a laboratory centrifuge without a trim is a blood drop". In fact, it is not exaggerated. First, when there is no trim, the centrifuge works like this:
  1. Noisy. How big is it? So big that you wonder if it is the kind to explode!
  2. The vibration is large. How big is it? It can make the centrifuge cover fly into a "blood drop"!
  Therefore, the "flat" of the laboratory centrifuge is the key, how to operate, if you want to specifically test the specific analysis, but in general, you can refer to the following steps:
  Fixed angle turn
  For centrifugation with a fixed angle, you only need to meditate on "central symmetry big law".
  2. Horizontal rotor
  The most painful thing for the experiment is the leveling of the horizontal rotor.
  When balancing, it is necessary to consider whether the samples in a single basket are symmetrical, and whether the sample in the opposite basket is balanced.
  The following is the experience of the balance from Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. based on years of market experience, I hope to help everyone:
  The sample placement in a single basket should ensure that the center of gravity of the basket is at the center of the basket.
  The placement of the sample in the opposite basket should be based on the sample placement of a basket, strictly in accordance with the principle of point center symmetry of the rotor.
  If you have any problems during the operation or purchase of the laboratory centrifuge, please look for Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. This is a veteran old-fashioned centrifuge manufacturer with a centrifuge technician to serve you!