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Shanghai Luxiangyi vertical centrifuge was successfully sold to South America!

2018/10/31 9:37:38      click :

  The use of centrifuges in the pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements, not only to maintain its own separation characteristics, but also to meet the relevant specifications, standards and requirements in the pharmaceutical field. Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Luxiangyi”) is an American FDA-certified company for centrifuges. It has extensive experience in the development, production and sales of centrifuges.
  Shanghai Lu Xiangyi said: "Centrifuge needs to consider materials, structure, material input and output methods, safety, labor intensity, control, cleaning or disinfection, etc. from the perspective of meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical production processes." Lu Xiangyi centrifuge has high quality, high technology and high service level, and its products have been exported to overseas markets.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi DL-8M large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

  A few days ago, Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge's overseas sales blueprint added a touch of color - the South American market. According to the relevant personnel of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi, it's DL-8M large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge has been sold to the South American market. This order comes from a horse farm in South America, mainly using the horse blood of pregnant horses to extract horse progesterone.
  Pregnant horse serum (horse gonadotropin), also known as pregnant horse blood gonadotropin (PMSG), is a serum gonadotropin extracted from the blood of pregnant horses from February to May, and is prepared by freeze-drying with appropriate excipients. Sterile preparation. It mainly presents white amorphous powder, belongs to hormonal drugs, and has follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing activity.
  In the process of making pregnant horse serum, the centrifuge is required to participate, and the Shanghai Luxiangyi DL-8M large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge for the South American horse farm has strong equipment and technical performance.

South American Racecourse

  Centrifuges are divided into desktop and vertical. Due to the high technology and production of vertical machines, most of the centrifuges exported to foreign markets are mostly desktops, and are mainly used in the experimental process. Compared with desktop centrifuges, vertical centrifuges have fewer outlets, because the equipment used in foreign large-capacity refrigerated centrifuges generally does not select Chinese equipment. However, the quality, technology, separation effect and safety of Shanghai Luxiangyi vertical large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge are at the leading position in China, thus breaking the traditional concept of foreign biopharmaceuticals. Shanghai Lu Xiangyi not only exports laboratory centrifuges, but also foreign biopharmaceutical industry. Occupy a certain share, the DL-8M large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge exported to South America is a vertical large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge.
  Shanghai Lu Xiangyi related personnel said that the South American order is a good proof, which further affirms the quality and technology of Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge.

South American Racecourse

  According to the personnel, the DL-8M ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge is designed for customers with large capacity needs. This model has a large sample handling capacity and is ideal for central blood stations, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, etc., and can separate 12×400ml triple or quadruple bags and 24×200ml triple bags at a time.
  In addition, the DL-8M ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge is controlled by a microcomputer, driven by a large torque AC variable frequency motor, with stable operation, low noise and high speed accuracy. The machine adopts imported high-performance compressor unit and fluorine-free refrigerant R404a, which meets environmental protection requirements and has better cooling effect. The settings of the touch panel enable programmable operation, host operating parameters can also be set according to requirements and can be automatically stored.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi employees talked at the South American Racecourse after talking about cooperation

  “The large-screen LCD display and digital display of this device are available for selection. The user-friendly interface makes the operation easier and more convenient. The real-time rpm/RCF reading conversion and setting, the electronic door lock is equipped to make the device more secure and reliable. Shanghai Luxiangyi equipment personnel said that the DL-8M super-capacity refrigerated centrifuge also has a 10 program rise/lower rate curve, which can be set to increase/decelerate time. The food grade silicone rubber integral sealing ring used in this equipment is GMP-compliant and has obtained FDA certification.
  At present, Shanghai Luxiangyi DL-8M super-capacity refrigerated centrifuge has been applied in South American horse farm, and customers have also given good feedback. It is also expected that the overseas sales market of Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge can be expanded to promote domestic centrifuges in overseas markets. application.