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Analyze the precise control capabilities of high-speed microcentrifuges

2019/3/6 14:00:22      click :
  The High Speed Microcentrifuge is a relatively conventional laboratory centrifuge. The application effect is relatively good and easy to use. It is necessary for the relevant practitioners to use this equipment every day, so that they should have more understanding of it. In order to better play the role of this centrifuge.
  High Speed Microcentrifuges have an easy-to-use digital control interface and high-speed performance for rapid separation of nucleic acids and proteins. Two control buttons are used to precisely set the rotor speed and operating time, and the parameters are displayed on an easy-to-read LED display. Press the Speed/G Force knob to toggle the display between rpm and calculated gravity.
  The high-speed micro-centrifuge is especially suitable for micro-filtration at high speed. The general speed is 16000r/min, and the capacity is relatively small. It adopts miniature brushless DC motor, which has fast lifting speed, no dust and maintenance-free. Electronic door locks are safe and reliable. Microcomputer control, the shape adopts the optimized steel structure, exquisite and beautiful, digital display, switching display RCF centrifugal force, programming operation, convenient use.
  High Speed Microcentrifuge precise control capabilities:
  - Powerful DC brushless motor, maintenance-free, fast drive, easy acceleration to set speed
  - High speed accuracy of ±20 rpm, excellent performance
  - 30 seconds - 99 minutes timing and continuous operation two operating modes
  - Start timing after steady speed, more accurate centrifugation time and better separation
  High speed micro centrifuge maintenance:
  1. Do not place any substance on the centrifuge cover. After each use, be sure to clean the inner cavity and the rotor.
  2. If the high speed microcentrifuge is not used for a long time, the centrifuge cover should be opened for a period of time before use, and the inner cavity is dried.
  3. After the motor's carbon brush is used for 3,000 hours, it should be replaced in time to avoid wearing the commutator.
  4. High Speed Microcentrifuge is used for a long time, and wear is normal.
  The High Speed Microcentrifuge makes a large centrifugal force through the rotary motion, and the centrifugal force can be used to separate, prepare, concentrate and purify the substance. Centrifuges are commonly used in research and production and medical systems. In medical tests, centrifuges are commonly used to separate serum, plasma, precipitated proteins, or urine sediments. The high-speed micro-centrifuge has three layers of protection, overspeed, door cover, misoperation and other protections, safe and reliable; 7 rotors for users to choose, is currently a strong and safe centrifuge in China.