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Be sure to understand high speed microcentrifuges in many ways.

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  High Speed Microcentrifuges are used for sedimentation sensitive materials such as microtubes, microbiological studies, biochemistry, and micro-hemospheric volumetric centrifugation. Depending on the application requirements, optional cooling and non-refrigerating microcentrifuges can be driven with a brushless motor. The large display of the microcentrifuge allows for high-definition viewing of velocity values, relative centrifugal force and run time.
  The High Speed Microcentrifuge is especially suitable for micro-filtration at high speed. The general speed is 16000r/min, and the capacity is relatively small. It is especially suitable for micro-filtration at high speed. The general speed is 16000r/min, and the capacity is relatively small. Brushless DC motor, fast lifting speed, no dust, maintenance-free. Electronic door locks are safe and reliable. Microcomputer control, the shape adopts the optimized steel structure, exquisite and beautiful, digital display, switching display RCF centrifugal force, programming operation, convenient use.
  The High Speed Microcentrifuge runs with imported PLC+ human-machine interface programmable control system, and has automatic system inspection function (market-unique technology); high temperature, low alarm, abnormal shutdown alarm, so that the staff can know whether the equipment is running normally.
  High-speed micro centrifuge product features:
  ● Double air cooling design, three-dimensional air intake mode, good cooling effect, low rotor temperature rise, low noise operation
  ● Unique temperature display in the centrifuge chamber to ensure the safe rotor capacity of the sample:
  ● Biosafety rotor, the first in China to pass bio-sealing certification, no microbial contamination caused by sample leakage during centrifugation, ensuring biosafety
  ● High-strength aluminum alloy rotor, can withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization, unlimited service life
  ● 4 kinds of rotors are optional, multi-purpose for one machine. When used in combination with rotor adapter, widely suitable volume 0.2mL, 0.5mL, 1.5mL, 2mL and 5mL centrifuge tube and PCR tube
  The High Speed Microcentrifuge combines powerful functions, high versatility, and simple operability. It is widely used in medical laboratories, biochemical and molecular biology research, using the latest control technology, reliable quality and superior performance. Routine analysis in industrial laboratories is more pronounced in experimental studies such as genetics, protein nucleic acids, and PCR products.