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Shanghai Lu Xiangyi successfully designed the boring fixture to greatly improve the machining accuracy of the centrifuge angle rotor!

2019/4/28 16:58:59      click :

In 2018, the centrifuge market as a whole maintained a steady and rising trend. The sales of many enterprises increased in 2017 compared with 2017. The market size of the centrifuge was further expanded, more new products were put into the market, and pharmaceutical, food, petroleum, chemical, etc. were accelerated. Industry development.
As a company specializing in the production of centrifuges, under the above background, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Luxiangyi”) has added two new units in the first quarter of 2019 to accommodate large quantities of domestic and export orders. CNC machining center, to further meet customer needs, to help the development, production and upgrading of centrifuges.
Shanghai Lu Xiangyi equipment staff said: "We manufacture and manufacture centrifuge products, which have great advantages in operation, safety, data, etc., and the addition of CNC machining center will further enhance the quality and advancement of Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge. ”

Tooling production and installation completed

Recently, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Technology Department and Workshop Department have designed a set of boring fixtures to further improve the machining accuracy of the centrifuge 2000ml*4 angle rotor, and have completed the relevant production process.
Director Luo of the workshop said: "Because the bore of the 2000ml*4 angle rotor is the largest of all angle rotors, other domestic manufacturers do not have such large-capacity angle rotors, but if the traditional process is used for drilling, precision and indexing There are some accumulated errors."
For the question raised by Director Luo: the difficulty of the balance of centrifugal maneuver is increased, and the traditional process mode will be changed. Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Li Gaogong combined with the actual process requirements, innovatively designed a set of precision tooling combined with the machining center, and with automatic indexing head mounted folder.

The device is working

Li Gaogong said: "The test indexing accuracy, hole depth accuracy, and aperture accuracy error of the clamping are almost zero. The unbalance of the rotor is 0.5g by dynamic balancing machine." This result is beyond the director Luo, Li Gaogong and the operator. Xiao Wang’s imagination, they witnessed the miracle, and Shanghai Lu Xiangyi was quite surprised.
Shanghai Lu Xiangyi said: "The design of this set of boring fixtures not only helps Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's centrifuge to run more smoothly, but also further improves the quality of the centrifuge. This is our technical progress, but also for us in the future. Confidence in innovation and research and development."

After the test results were successful, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi staff was quite surprised.

The birth of a new technology and new equipment will face many challenges. In order to provide more advanced technologies and equipment to customers, help customers reduce costs and improve production efficiency, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi speeds up research and development and makes the centrifuge more in-depth. Improvements have led to new improvements in centrifuge quality.
Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge has a long history and strong technical force. From the establishment of the company to the present, it has been committed to promoting the innovation and development of domestic centrifuges, and actively expanding the international market while satisfying domestic sales. Today, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's centrifuge products have been exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Thailand.
The improvement of the accuracy and indexing of the centrifuge rotor will lay a good foundation for the international development of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi. Shanghai Lu Xiangyi said: “'Continuous innovation and future-oriented' is the goal pursued by Shanghai Lu Xiangyi. We will do our utmost to provide high-quality products and services to users, and we are willing to establish extensive technical cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign enterprises to promote centrifugal development. Development of machines and laboratory instruments."