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Improvement of the centrifuge for conventional problems

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  Centrifuge is mainly used for separation, so there will be cases of separation of spillage during separation work. According to market research and multi-party investigation, Lu Xiangyi centrifuge has made some improvements to these common problems on the basis of the original!
  A lot of the general class of centrifuges is not a strange thing. The laboratory is usually a laboratory centrifuge. The rotation speed is fast. Pay attention to safety. In particular, prevent the imbalance or tube mat aging during the operation of the centrifuge. When the centrifuge is moved while working, it falls off from the test bench, or because the cover is not covered, and the centrifuge tube is broken due to vibration, the glass fragments are rotated and flew out, causing an accident. Therefore, when using a centrifuge, the following manipulations must be observed. Most of today's centrifuges use accelerometers with data processing software to develop an intelligent unbalance identification system that can be monitored for the specific weight of each rotor in the entire process of centrifugation, changing the previous mechanical position imbalance identification system. It hatches the swing distance of the axis, and it only has the disadvantage of being used in the acceleration phase, so that it can detect even the imbalance caused by the tube rupture and the sample overflow at any speed, even at high speed.

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  With the development of centrifuge manufacturing and application technology, centrifuges not only make progress in speed control technology, but also make great progress in multi-function and automation, such as variable speed braking, program shifting, direct input centrifugal force, operating procedures. The storage and recall, the automatic diagnosis of the instrument state, the requirement to display the parameters and status information of the centrifuge as much as possible, and the more perfect safety protection functions, etc., some functions are not only the icing on the cake, but also directly affect the centrifugal effect, such as variable rate Braking and program shifting can improve zone centrifugation and reduce centrifugation time.
  Many non-professionals often feel at a loss when looking at the parameters of the centrifuge: many parameters of the centrifuge, maximum speed, centrifugal force, preparation capacity, temperature control range, temperature control accuracy, speed control accuracy and other data, in addition to product specifications, etc. In fact, how to judge the performance of the machine, you can refer to the medical standard regulations, the performance of the centrifuge product can be seen at a glance. Of course, when you choose a centrifuge product, you need to know some relevant data according to your product, such as relative speed deviation, speed stability accuracy, pre-cooling warm-up time, etc., are necessary.
  The length of time the centrifuge is used in the experiment and the correct method of use are always guaranteed to be in normal operation. It should be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use during operation, but there are also customers who say that when the centrifuge is in use, we follow The operation of the manual is still very hot? In fact, the heat of the centrifuge is very normal, because the machine needs to consume electricity when it runs, and the electrical energy is converted into the mechanical energy of the centrifuge rotor operation, but the energy conversion will inevitably be lost. . A part of the energy is converted into heat. Causes the centrifuge components to heat up. However, if the centrifuge components are overheated, it can be seen that too much electrical energy is converted into heat loss.
  The speed regulation system is the core part of the centrifuge. It consists of three major elements: control, power drive and motor. It mainly controls the speed of the motor. In the development process of centrifuges, DC speed regulation is indispensable. Its main features are good braking, wide speed range, simple structure, low cost, and mature theory and practice. Therefore, it was before the 1980s. The centrifuge has been widely used in a wide range of applications. Therefore, it has been widely used in centrifuges before the 1980s. It is still being applied and continuously improved, such as improving the wear resistance of DC motor copper heads and carbon brushes to extend The life of the motor and the replacement cycle of the carbon brush.