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The centrifuge has always been the darling of the laboratory.

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  Centrifuges have always been the darling of the laboratory. The rotors are mostly made of aluminum alloy, flat and angled. The centrifuge tubes are available in hard glass, polyethylene hard plastic and stainless steel. The centrifuge is equipped with a drive motor, timer, regulator (speed indication) and refrigeration system (temperature adjustable range -20- +40 °C), which can be changed according to the needs of centrifugal materials. . It has extremely strong airtightness, and is specially equipped with high shock absorption design, distributor and nitrogen-filled explosion-proof protection. It effectively solves the uneven distribution of the liquid during the use of the centrifuge, the vibration caused by the centrifugal force, and the flammability and explosiveness of the liquid. A variety of practical problems such as toxic and harmful centrifuges are the most commonly used in laboratories for large-scale primary separation and extraction of biological macromolecules, sediments, and the like.
  The equipment that the centrifuge realizes in this process (centrifugal principle) is that the gravity of the object is generated by the attraction of the earth. The direction of gravity is always downward, so the surface of the earth is a gravity field, and the object is affected by gravity. Landing down, this is the phenomenon of gravity settlement. According to the laws of mechanics, the rate at which solute particles in objects and mixtures sink is proportional to their mass. When the solute particles in the mixture are small and stationary, it is impossible to observe the sedimentation velocity by gravity alone. It is necessary to artificially imitate the effect of the gravitational field on the particles, speed up the sedimentation, and centrifuge. The machine uses the appropriate time to achieve the purpose of settlement. This artificial force is the centrifugal force of the rotating object. As long as we control the speed of the centrifugal and the distance of the particles from the central axis during the movement, we can control the centrifugal force of the particles, so that the particles can be settled according to our requirements.

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  Centrifuges have been widely used in related industries in China, and have also been greatly developed and improved. However, in terms of technology, there is still room for further improvement in the materials and processing technology. In the past year, despite the economic turmoil in the centrifuge industry, the energy-saving technology of centrifuges has not lost its splendid brilliance. When it comes to "green" energy conservation, it seems that the overwhelming news is focused on information technology. For IC technology itself, it has always been at the forefront of energy conservation. However, after the upgrade of the centrifuge has been upgraded, the efficiency of the centrifuge has been increased to a very limited extent, so that the potential for continuing the energy saving of the centrifuge is far less than that of the traditional industry. In addition, the energy consumption of the centrifuge industry itself is small, and the traditional industry itself has always dominated the energy consumption. Given the generally low energy efficiency of traditional industries in China, if the combination of IC technology and traditional industries, the energy-saving potential is considerable, how to start the “centrifuge” of centrifuges and realize the energy conservation of traditional industries will be a hot topic in the future. From the several fields listed in this article, it is not difficult to see that “green” energy conservation is accelerating the trend of penetration in various traditional industrial fields.
  The main components of the centrifuge are motors. The motors are divided into carbon brush motors and carbonless brush motors. The former has been eliminated. Most of the current centrifuges are brushless motors, and some motors also have brake functions. Refrigerated centrifuges also differ in refrigeration, and now environmentally friendly technologies are of course fluorine-free refrigeration. In addition to this, consider the noise problem and try to choose a quieter centrifuge to maintain a comfortable experimental environment.