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Lu Xiangyi sent a large number of L800R large-capacity refrigerated centrifuges to a pharmaceutical factory in Shandong

2019/6/17 14:03:21      click :

As a professional manufacturer of centrifuges, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has a long history of production and strong technical force, and is well received by the industry. Recently, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has sent a major news, that is, a pharmaceutical factory in Shandong has ordered a batch of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi L800R large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge.

t is understood that the L800R large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge is designed for customers with large capacity requirements. This model has a large amount of sample processing and is a professional product in the field of blood station, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, etc., which can separate 12x400ml triple bag or four at a time. Union bag, 24x200ml triple bag; the centrifuge adopts imported high-performance compressor unit, fluorine-free refrigerant R404a, which meets environmental protection requirements; in addition, the centrifuge has a powerful control system, which can realize segmented stepping centrifugation preset program call and hierarchical password. Control, ensure that the instrument is safe and reliable, and easy to manage.

As a high-tech, the pharmaceutical technology of biopharmaceutical centrifuges has opened up broad prospects for the development of related industries such as medical industry and pharmaceutical industry, which has greatly improved people's lives and improved work production efficiency. Therefore, biotechnology has been identified by the world as a key technology and emerging industry for the development of science and technology in the 21st century.

The bio-pharmaceutical centrifuge is specialized in liquid-solid two-phase, liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation with small solid particles and very close specific gravity. It is an important equipment for many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products and beverage products. The working principle is to effectively separate the materials of different specific gravity by strong centrifugal action, thereby achieving the separation purpose.

As the country continues to invest in the research of generic drugs and original research drugs, the domestic pharmaceutical market has gradually shifted from the leading market of imported drugs to the domestic generic drug or the original drug market, although China is currently a generic drug, generic drug. The number of varieties and specifications is very large. The quality of most domestic generic drugs is quite different from that of the original drugs. However, with the continuous improvement of domestic pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical production technology, the quality and efficacy of domestically produced drugs will also achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Gradually close the gap with the imported original drug in the market and eventually achieve replacement.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has a long history and strong technical force. From the establishment of the company to the present, it has been committed to promoting the innovation and development of domestic centrifuges. At present, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi's centrifuge expansion international market has been exported to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand. More than 30 countries. While meeting domestic sales in China, we have been paying attention to the development of pharmaceutical companies. By continuously improving the manufacturing process and product precision of centrifuges, we have helped domestic pharmaceutical companies to meet the needs and development of pharmaceutical centrifuges.

It is understood that after more than 40 years of development, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has designed and produced the domestic high-speed refrigerated centrifuge GL-25M. A domestic continuous flow rotor of 316L stainless steel was produced. Based on a 2400ml square cup, the ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge has developed a 2000ml round cup that is easy to extract from the pharmaceutical industry, and is equipped with a 316L stainless steel centrifugal cup, which provides a good support for pharmaceutical industry certification companies. The order of Shanghai Luxiangyi L800R large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge by a pharmaceutical factory in Shandong is also affirmation of its product quality, technical strength and good service.