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Shanghai Lu Xiangyi ushered in important customers. The centrifuge of the company successfully completed the E. coli separation experiment.

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  Centrifuge separation technology is a new technology developed based on the state of the particles in a practical centrifugal environment. It can separate liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixed components, and particles of different density, size or shape. It can settle in the centrifugal situation of the same speed.
  Thus, a substantially spherical, non-uniform mixture can be separated by the separation technique of a centrifuge. For example, collecting cells, separating plasma, etc., and separating DNA and protein molecules from these pre-purified preparations, can separate large-scale Escherichia coli, nuclear protein microparticles, and the like.

E. coli separation test is ready

  Take E. coli as an example. Before introducing the E. coli separation experiment, you must first understand it. Escherichia coli Escherichia coli was discovered by Escherich in 1885. It is a common prokaryote, a type of bacteria that is very close to our daily life, and one of the major classes of enterobacteria.
  For a long period of time, E. coli is considered to be a non-pathogenic bacterium and is considered to be part of the normal gut flora. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that people recognized that certain serotypes of E. coli were pathogenic to humans and animals, especially to infants and young animals (avian), often causing severe diarrhea and sepsis.
  At the same time, Escherichia coli is a kind of single-celled organism that is parasitic in the human large intestine and small intestine and harmless to the human body. It is simple in structure, rapid in reproduction and easy to culture. It is also a biologically important experimental material.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi centrifuge test E. coli test results

  With the increasing demand in the pharmaceutical market and the increasingly strict quality testing of pharmaceutical products, many pharmaceutical companies are looking for more advanced and more stable centrifuges to test the quality and safety of drugs.
  The centrifuge developed and produced by Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Luxiangyi”) not only has advanced detection technology, reliable product quality, stable performance, but also exquisite design and excellent technology.
  A few days ago, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi ushered in a separation test for the detection of E. coli by an important customer. In the material room of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi, the experimenter put the cultured reagents and clinical specimens into the centrifuge of Shanghai Luxiangyi, and directly separated the obtained sample liquid for experiment.

Test results obtained by experiment

  After the experiment, the customer said: "I was very satisfied with the test results obtained by the experiment. I also asked the on-site staff to take a close-up of the result. I am an old customer of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi, they are professional production and R & D centrifuges. The company, technology, equipment, quality, service are relatively reliable, so we have a long time to cooperate."
  Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has been actively promoting the innovative development of domestic centrifuges. In the course of the company's development for many years, it has designed a number of breakthrough centrifuges to make up for the technical gap.
  With the improvement of the market position of Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge, it has actively expanded its international market while satisfying domestic sales, and exported its products to more than 30 countries, which has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers.
  Shanghai Lu Xiangyi said: "We make every effort to provide high-quality products and services to our customers, and we are willing to establish extensive technical cooperation with domestic and foreign companies to jointly promote the healthy development of domestic centrifuges and laboratory instruments."