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Lu Xiangyi PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge becomes a perfect assistant for plastic surgeons

2019/5/29 16:52:53      click :
PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge is a model designed by Lu Xiangyi to introduce foreign advanced technology and specializes in plastic surgery. In order to fully release the efficacy of PRP, Lu Xiangyi has done a lot of research on rotor, speed, centrifugal force, and rise/deceleration time. It is equipped with the PRP kit imported from South Korea, which greatly improves the effective extraction rate of PRP, shortens the treatment time of medical staff, and makes the whole treatment process simple, fast and effective.
According to the staff, the PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge operation process is as follows:
1. Using a blood collection needle to draw blood into the PRP tube;
2. Set the corresponding speed according to the rotation radius of the rotor, the angle rotor is 3000 rpm; the horizontal rotor is 2650 rpm, and the centrifugation time is 8 minutes;
3. Put the PRP tube into the centrifuge (pay attention to the symmetrical placement, use the empty tube to add water to balance, prevent the rotor from unbalanced and damage the machine);
4. After the centrifugation is finished, take out the PRP tube;
5, use the syringe to extract the activation solution, and then replace the PRP tube with a long needle to extract PRP, fully mixed (activated liquid and PRP ratio 1:10);
6, direct injection (smootherm injection effect is better) need to whitening wrinkle parts;
7. If you need to prepare PRP gel, fill it with injection, take PRP and add thrombin. After mixing, keep the temperature at 70 ° 10 min (the ratio of thrombin to PRP 1:5);
(Note: A vacuum tube with a suitable amount of anticoagulant and separation gel (the separation gel may not be available, and the tube without glue can see a thin layer of white platelets after centrifugation) is added to the PRP tube.)
It is understood that PRP is divided into three layers after centrifugation. The tube with separation gel is ppp--prp---separating gel---red blood cells from top to bottom, and Lu Xiangyi mainly uses the middle layer of prp plasma. It is reported that the higher the concentration of this plasma is, the higher the concentration of prp (platelet rich plasma), the lower the platelet concentration of the above ppp is taken, and then the remaining plasma is mixed, so All platelets were mixed into the remaining plasma to become a true platelet-rich plasma prp.
The tube without separation gel is PPP---PRP---red blood cell from top to bottom after centrifugation. Lu Xiangyi mainly uses the middle layer prp plasma. This plasma is also the higher the concentration of prp on the lower platelet layer. . When extracting and using, we extract them from bottom to top, first using the lowest concentration. However, since there is no separation gel to block red blood cells, all platelets cannot be completely extracted.
Platelet-rich plasma obtained after centrifugation showed no significant PRP and PPP boundaries. The user extracts plasma close to the separated gel portion as PRP based on experience. Using a 1 ml syringe, first extract 0.1 ml of the activation solution, and then replace it with a long needle and pour 0.9 ml of PRP into the bottom of the prp plasma on the separation gel.
Lu Xiangyi is the only company in China that has obtained the US FDA certification for centrifuges. It has a long history of production and strong technical force. It is a professional manufacturer of centrifuge products. The PRP (platelet rich plasma) centrifuge produced by the company makes the treatment process simpler, faster and more effective, and brings the gospel to the development of plastic surgery and the patients with orthopedics, diabetes and burns.