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Operate the centrifuge after training and be responsible to both parties

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  Centrifuges must be operated by professionally trained people. The difference between domestically produced centrifuges and imported centrifuges is not very large. The core technology of centrifuges has been mastered in China. The price difference between high-speed centrifuges of the same grade is not very large, mainly in terms of performance and configuration.
  CAUTION: Failure to follow these instructions may result in a potential hazard of minor or moderate personal injury. Pay attention to the danger of electric shock Even if the power supply has been cut off, the rear end of the centrifuge still carries dangerous voltage. To prevent children and the public from contacting or connecting the device, this device may only be used in accordance with the manufacturer's intended use. Unauthorized modifications or use of spare parts not sold or recommended by the device manufacturer may result in electric shock and mechanical injury.
  Note: Please place the “Operating Instructions” in a place easily found near the centrifuge equipment to ensure that all users can read this manual in time. WARNING: Proper transport, storage, seating, installation, and careful operation and maintenance are critical to the proper and safe operation of the centrifuge. During the transportation and storage period, the centrifuge is protected from physical shocks. The instrument must also be protected from rain and not stored in places where the ambient temperature is too high or too low and the humidity is high. Please read the instructions carefully for specific use.


  In order to ensure the safety of your life, please read the instruction manual carefully before using this product, as follows:
  1: No rotor operation is allowed;
  2: It is forbidden to run the rotor beyond the rated speed of the rotor;
  3: It is strictly forbidden that the unbalance amount exceeds 1g and the test tube is asymmetrically put into operation;
  4: It is forbidden to open the centrifuge chamber door when the centrifuge is running;
  5: It is strictly forbidden to touch the running rotor with your hand;
  6: It is strictly forbidden to change the parameters set by the inverter device;
  7: It is forbidden to move the centrifuge while it is running;
  8: It is strictly forbidden to use rusted or cracked rotor and centrifuge tube;
  9: It is strictly forbidden to use the rotor for years;
  Predicting failure by observing operational and physical indicators is a better option. In a centrifuge, the cover spring mechanism may loosen and the bearing may wear out, although the lug may stop working despite proper lubrication. Any of these issues are worrying, but on the whole they show signs of a failure.
  If the expected life of the centrifuge is considered a warranty period for optimal function, important functions of the organization may be compromised. It can hurt revenue and operations when a sudden but preventable failure occurs within the expected life of the device.
  In a life sciences or healthcare environment, such failures can adversely affect the structural development of research that may lead to treatment of the disease, or adversely affect someone's health. Whenever a device fails, repairs usually re-run it.
  As the equipment ages, more frequent repairs are required. Due to the lack of parts, repairs will eventually become more expensive or impossible, so equipment needs to be replaced. On the other hand, if a replacement is considered after a permanent failure, the new equipment may be returned to the order, otherwise it will not be delivered and installed in a timely manner.
  The last thing to say is that elimination is the inevitable reason for replacing the centrifuge, so it is very important to change it in time!