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Strive to improve the comprehensive use efficiency of tabletop centrifuge

2019/3/18 11:50:13      click :
  The development of the tabletop centrifuge industry is a long process. On this road, every centrifuge manufacturer needs to work together to strengthen the application and demonstration of centrifuge equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and continue to promote the construction of the centrifuge industrialization base.
  At present, the development of the domestic tabletop centrifuge industry is showing a rapid and stable scene. The demand for tabletop centrifuges in the market is also rising. How will the future development trend of this industry be? Let me introduce it to you, but before that, let us understand the advantages of a tabletop centrifuge different from other types of centrifuges:
  1. The tabletop centrifuge adopts novel and unique all-stainless steel rotor and various stainless steel pipe racks for easy replacement.
  2, microcomputer control, DC brushless motor drive, stable operation, low noise, high speed accuracy.
  3, digital screen (liquid crystal screen) display, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.
  4, real-time rpm / RCF reading conversion and setting, convenient and fast.
  5, tabletop centrifuge can be equipped with electronic door locks, with a variety of protection functions such as door cover self-locking, overspeed, etc.; automatic fault alarm function, safe and reliable.
  6, touch panel, programmable operation, host operating parameters can be set according to requirements and automatically stored.
  In view of the current development of the tabletop centrifuge industry, we want to develop faster and more stable in this industry:
  1. Strengthening integration and innovation, focusing on the development of instruments and equipment with industrial competitiveness in the forefront of major scientific instruments and equipment, general instruments and equipments, and strengthening the development and application of key components and supporting systems for scientific instruments and equipment;
  2. Pay attention to the absorption and digestion of existing tabletop centrifuges and other equipment technologies, and carry out technological innovation on this basis, and strive to develop a batch of centrifuge equipment with independent intellectual property rights to improve the comprehensive use efficiency of downstream scientific instruments and equipment;
  3. Strengthen the original innovation of tabletop centrifuges, focus on the country's major frontier science needs, carry out research on new principles, new technologies and new methods, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs and leapfrogs in leading-edge centrifuge equipment.
  During the experiment of the benchtop centrifuge, the motor speed may be too slow, and the brush emits a large spark. What should be done in this case.
  The technical engineers of our centrifuge manufacturers will answer you one by one.
  I. Analysis and overhaul: This fault is caused by the dirt between the motor carbon brush and the commutator piece or the elastic force of the carbon brush spring, which causes the carbon brush and the commutator piece to be in poor contact.
  Second, the solution: take the machine apart, unscrew the brush cover, remove the carbon brush with spring. First clean the spring, carbon brush and the dirt on the commutator with anhydrous alcohol. If the front end of the carbon brush is broken, use the sandpaper to mix the carbon brush into a smooth curved contact surface to make it and the circle. The commutator piece is in good agreement. Then adjust the spring force of the spring appropriately.