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The refinement of the centrifuge is to better adapt to the market environment.

2019/6/20 10:45:01      click :
Why do centrifuges have to be divided into so many categories, what is the impact of such detailed classification on the market?
In order to thoroughly understand these two problems, from the scope of application of centrifuges, centrifuges are mainly used in laboratory research units. Especially in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the application is very wide. From these application industry application units, we know that they have high requirements for experimental results. Therefore, the refinement of the centrifuge is to achieve better experimental purposes.
Traditionally, conventional style centrifuges are basically desktop horizontal, low temperature, high volume, large capacity, automatic, mini and so on. These can be negotiated with the centrifuge manufacturer according to their own experimental needs, and then customized.
Of course, these are relatively simple customization programs. If you are highly targeted in the industry, such as a beauty salon, you should choose the TD5P beauty-specific PRP injection transplant centrifuge, a special model designed for PRP injection transplantation. In order to fully release the efficacy of PRP, a lot of research has been done on the rotor, speed, centrifugal force, and rise/deceleration time. It is equipped with the imported PRP kit, which greatly improves the effective extraction rate of PRP, shortens the time, improves the efficiency of medical staff, and makes the whole treatment process simple, fast and effective.
For example, TD5Z beauty-specific autologous fat transplantation centrifuge, TD5Z autologous fat transplantation centrifuge 50ml (syringe) x4; 20ml (syringe) x4; 10ml (syringe) x4; mainly used in plastic surgery, dermatology and other fields. Using 10ml, 20ml, 50ml conventional syringes, rapid separation and extraction of fat, no fever, no damage to fat cells, greatly guarantee the success rate of fat transplantation, reduce the complex process of transplantation, and ensure the effectiveness of fat transplantation Fat and fat survival rate.
It can be seen that the beauty salon is a highly targeted industry. If the centrifuge used in the beauty salon is not subdivided, the effect will not be achieved.
Therefore, the classification of refined centrifuges can improve efficiency and improve technology.
Finally, the impact of the centrifuge classification on the centrifuge market, the maturity of a market, is multi-faceted, there is a product perspective, there are manufacturers from the perspective of the vendor, today's problem is from a product perspective, The classification of the centrifuge is refined, making the centrifuge market mature.
Although the centrifuge market is relatively mature, but to buy a centrifuge, the preparation work in the early stage is still not small. The traditional centrifuge is good choice. If the application industry is highly targeted and requires high, it still needs to be centrifuged. Machine manufacturers communicate, custom centrifuges are better, so as to avoid unnecessary losses in the later stage.