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Centrifuges are active with many advantages

2018/12/25 9:39:47      click :
  Centrifuges rely on many advantages, stand in various research sites and hospitals, why do you say this? Does it mean that it is a bit of an advantage and arrogant? Don't worry, you will know after reading this article!
  As we all know, the centrifuge is an essential instrument for experimental instruments! With its own advantages, such as good adaptability, high degree of automation, stable operation, strong process, good corrosion resistance, good operating environment, complete and reliable safety protection device, beautiful appearance, etc., ride various research places and hospitals!
  The use of scientific experimental instruments is generally more than one, and there are many uses, such as dry and wet sedimentation, cyanide self-distillation, ammonia nitrogen distillation, microwave COD, etc. In order to do scientific experiments, it is necessary to understand the relevant science. Experimental related instruments! Then Lu Xiangyi will take you to understand the application fields and advantages of the centrifuge!
  The centrifuges all use a microcomputer control system that not only ensures safe operation of the centrifuge but also automates tasks. Now many centrifuges have a better humanized control system. For example: rotor identification function, safety lock function, fault prompt function, acceleration and deceleration curves, and so on.
  In addition to the above points, pay attention to some details and necessary accessories. The main component of the centrifuge is the motor. The motor is divided into a carbon brush motor and a carbonless brush motor. The former has been eliminated. The current centrifuges are brushless motors, and some motors also have a brake function. Refrigerated centrifuges also differ in terms of refrigeration, and now environmentally friendly technologies are of course fluorine-free refrigeration. In addition to this, consider the noise problem and try to choose a quieter centrifuge to maintain a comfortable experimental environment. Care should be taken in the accessories. Some experiments use special centrifuges, which have a rated temperature range. The heat generated by the centrifuge at high speed is balanced with the refrigeration system of the centrifuge at a certain temperature (the sample for general freeze centrifugation needs to be kept at 3 ° C to 8 ° C), and the specific amount can be related to the rotor, such as a centrifuge. The rated temperature range is -10 °C ~ 60 °C, and the horizontal rotor can reach about 3"C when rotating. If it is the angle rotor, it may only be about 7 °C. Please consult the product sales personnel and the manufacturer. Relevant technical staff.
  In terms of function, the centrifuge has the following advantages:
  1. The adaptability of the material is strong. The appropriate filter medium can be used to separate the fine particles of the millimeter level. It can also be used for the dehydration of the finished articles, and the articles can be cleaned by the water washing tube.
  2. The artificial upper unloading type has simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, easy operation and can maintain the grain shape of the product.
  3. The machine adopts advanced elastic support structure, which can reduce the vibration caused by uneven load and the machine runs smoothly.
  4, the entire high-speed operation of the structure, concentrated in a closed shell, can achieve sealing, to avoid contamination of materials.
  Finally, attach the centrifuge to clean the little secret:
  In the inner cavity of the centrifuge, a plurality of cleaning heads or cleaning tubes are provided, and the centrifuge can clean the inside of the centrifuge without opening or running. The focus is on the following parts:
  1. Cleaning of the bottom surface of the drum and the bearing seat;
  2. The surface of the liquid intercepting plate and the outer surface of the rotating drum;
  3. Rotating the inner surface of the drum;
  5. The inner surface of the outer casing;
  Centrifuge maintenance rules: 1. One rule
  When the system fails, you can tentatively change some states and change one parameter at a time. Do some simple changes and maybe solve the problem.