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Advantages of pharmaceutical centrifuges in the pharmaceutical industry

2019/6/6 10:06:25      click :
The pharmaceutical centrifuge is specialized in liquid solid two-phase, liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation with small solid particles and very close specific gravity. It is an essential equipment for many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological products and beverage products. The working principle is to effectively separate the materials of different specific gravity by strong centrifugal action, thereby achieving the separation purpose.
Lu Xiangyi centrifuge has been widely used in the domestic medical field, such as blood separation, virus research, DNA research, drug purification and other experimental use, and stable performance. The pharmaceutical centrifuge developed by our company has the characteristics of good adaptability, high degree of automation, stable operation, strong processability, good corrosion resistance, good operating environment, complete and reliable safety protection device, beautiful appearance and so on. The GMP specification requirements.
It is understood that the centrifuge used in the refining process such as drug purification is a general low-speed centrifuge, the rotation speed is below 4000 rpm, and the processing capacity is large. It must meet the GMP specifications and requirements in the production of pharmaceuticals, and generally are made of flat stainless steel materials.
Functionally, pharmaceutical centrifuges must have the following advantages:
1. The adaptability of the material is strong. The appropriate filter medium can be used to separate the fine particles of the millimeter level. It can also be used for the dehydration of the finished articles, and the items can be cleaned by the water washing tube.
2. The artificial upper unloading type has simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, easy operation and can maintain the grain shape of the product.
3. The machine adopts advanced elastic support structure, which can reduce the vibration caused by uneven load and the machine runs smoothly.
4, the entire high-speed operation of the structure, concentrated in a closed shell, can achieve sealing, to avoid contamination of materials.