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The service life of a benchtop Centrifuge is related to maintenance

2019/3/20 10:34:13      click :

  The life of a benchtop Centrifuge is not long. It depends on how much people care about it. It should be well maintained and it will take a long time. Many customers are using benchtop Centrifuges, which are repaired in a few months, and some have not had any problems for a year or a half. Therefore, the life of the benchtop Centrifuge has to be well maintained.
  The main points of use of benchtop Centrifuge:
  Benchtop centrifuges are a common type of product used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment, marine and other fields. Users need to master the use of benchtop Centrifuges, which can help users better apply benchtop Centrifuge products. Let's take a look at the specific introduction.
  1. The main power indicator of the centrifuge is on. At this time, the degree of wear of the carbon brush should be checked. If the wear of the carbon brush exceeds one third of the total amount, a new carbon brush should be replaced in time.
  2. When the main power indicator of the benchtop Centrifuge is not lit, check whether the fuse of the indicator light and the fuse of the indoor distribution board are blown. Also check whether the power cord is in good contact. If the fuse is broken, replace the fuse and keep the circuit unblocked. Also check the vacuum pump. Table and oil pressure indication value, if the oil pressure is too high and the main engine can not start, it is necessary to check whether the oil passages are blocked, especially if the throttle orifice is unblocked, if it is not smooth, it should be cleaned to make it smooth.
  4. There is a layer of oxide on the surface of the commutator. Even if the bump is uneven or the brush does not match the outer edge of the commutator, the speed can be reduced. The commutator and the brush should be cleaned to make the contact good.
  5. If the rotor coil is short-circuited or open circuit, it can be inspected by a multimeter, and the medical centrifuge re-winds the coil. The rotor of the tabletop centrifuge can be used for rupture of the centrifuge tube, leakage of the sample, and damage to the rotor due to metal fatigue, overspeed, overstress, chemical attack, improper selection, unbalanced use of the rotor and temperature loss.
  6. The bearing is damaged or the rolling is blocked. There is no oil in the bearing or there is more dirt in the bearing, which causes the frictional resistance to increase. If the motor does not reach the rated speed, the bearing should be cleaned or replaced in time.
  7. Clean the centrifuge chamber and rotor and dry the condensate in the chamber. After use, open the door until the chamber returns to normal temperature. Balance the sample before centrifugation. After centrifugation in the tabletop centrifuge, pay attention to disinfection and sterilization. Pre-cool the rotor if necessary, maintain and store the rotor, and pay attention to the bottom of the counting ring.
  Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has increased scientific research efforts and made efforts to develop new products for benchtop Centrifuges, which has brought a new step to China's benchtop Centrifuges. The main technical performance of the newly developed benchtop Centrifuge has reached the international advanced level of similar products, and the product level and appearance have been greatly improved.