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Lu Xiangyi refrigerated centrifuge assists pharmaceutical companies to retain data authenticity

2018/11/30 9:14:10      click :

  At the end of 2018, major pharmaceutical companies have entered the sprint phase, and production tasks have become busy. In this context, pharmaceutical companies have become more urgent in their procurement of related pharmaceutical instruments. A batch of DL-8M super-capacity refrigerated centrifuges purchased by Lu Xiangyi from a pharmaceutical company has been successfully delivered and put into normal use.

Lu Xiangyi DL-8M super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

The factory staff is operating the equipment

  Lu Xiangyi centrifuge can retain data authenticity

  The DL-8M ultra-capacity refrigerated centrifuge provides powerful, real-time printing of all data, not only for three-level password management, but also for critical data that can be changed for GMP and Food and Drug Administration flight inspections. Record data.

  As we all know, data integrity has always been a long-term concern of the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad, and it has shown importance throughout the life cycle of drugs. Under the impetus of new domestic policies, the inspection of the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more strict. And with the exposure of some pharmaceutical companies' data fraud, and the CFDA officially joined the ICH and integrated into the international drug regulatory system, the domestic requirements for data integrity will be further enhanced.

  In this context, pharmaceutical companies have increased their focus on data integrity. Lu Xiangyi's DL-8M ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge meets the needs of pharmaceutical companies to retain real data, and will facilitate the GMP and Food and Drug Administration flight inspections, which will help promote the better development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Lu Xiangyi DL-8M super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge is put into normal use in the pharmaceutical factory

  In the future, it will help to separate the production process of thymosin slurry.
  At present, the DL-8M ultra-large capacity refrigerated centrifuge is being used to separate the production process of thymosin slurry.
  According to published information, thymosin, also known as thymosin, is a physiologically active group of polypeptides secreted by thymus tissue. A commonly used thymosin peptide is a small molecule polypeptide having a non-specific immune effect that is found and purified from the calf thymus. The thymus contains a variety of hormones, belonging to the three types of α, β, γ, and jointly induces the mature differentiation of T cells. Thymosin has been clinically applied in China for more than 20 years. In the past, due to the inconsistent preparation methods and quality control of various preparations, clinical observation was not standardized, and the efficacy was difficult to be affirmed.
  Lu Xiangyi's DL-8M large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge developed in this batch will effectively improve the quality and efficacy of thymosin, for the treatment of various primary or secondary T cell deficiency diseases, certain autoimmune diseases, various cellular immune functions. Low-grade diseases and adjuvant treatment of tumors bring the gospel. For example, various types of severe hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis, chronic persistent hepatitis and cirrhosis. Lu Xiangyi welcomes customers with personalized needs and popular needs to come to consult and order centrifuges!