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How to effectively avoid the explosion-proof problem of the centrifuge

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The explosion-proof problem of centrifuges has always been a hot topic for many manufacturers. It is generally used for nitrogen protection. Xiaobian believes that this is a nitrogen inlet pipe and a nitrogen gas outlet pipe on the outer casing of the centrifuge. When the machine is working, The inner chamber is filled with nitrogen. As to whether the nitrogen concentration can reach the safe range, there is no quantitative control, and therefore, the reliability of the nitrogen protection is poor. An improved nitrogen protection system is designed with an online oxygen detection device and a pressure transmission sensor to detect the oxygen concentration in the centrifuge chamber during operation, and to perform quantitative control to control the oxygen content within a safe range (also That is to say, the oxygen concentration in the machine is outside the explosion limit of the flammable and explosive medium).
The centrifuge adopts frequency conversion motor, environmental protection fluorine-free compressor, automatic locking door cover and alarm system, 32-bit ARM microprocessor, wide-angle liquid crystal display, and CANRS485 interface to realize computer and horizontal spiral centrifuge networking.
With rotor recognition function, 32 sets of program storage integral W2dt display control function can be used for step separation.
In the rotating system, the rotor is removed by a spring cone set, which has high repeating degree, convenient for loading and unloading the rotor, and improves the one-time and accuracy of the separation process.
In the correction of the sedimentation coefficient of the centrifuge, it is assumed that it is not affected by the system change, but the conditions are: 1. The concentration of the counter ion used is not too high; 2. There is no solvent molecule capable of binding to the macromolecule. However, we know that the equations used in the calculation of centrifuge ultracentrifugation are derived by assuming that the experimental system is only a two-component, and in the actual experiment, balanced ions are added, and the concentration is required to be 0.01-1.0 mol. In the range of /L, the concentration of macromolecules is usually 1.0*0.000001-1.0*0.0001 mon/L; therefore, the concentration of the counter ion is greater than 10 times, or even several hundred times, the concentration of the macromolecule. This complex problem is often overlooked because no abnormalities are found when the concentration of the counter ion is greater than 0.05 mol/L. However, with 1 mol/L NaCl, it must be corrected.
We know that the three elements that generate explosions are temperature, fire source, oxygen, and the simultaneous existence of three basic conditions to prevent chemical explosion. It is the basic theory for preventing chemical explosion of combustible materials. In other words, the essence of all technical measures to prevent chemical explosion of combustible materials is to prevent the simultaneous existence of three basic conditions of chemical explosion. Among them: (1) temperature, for a specific medium, whether it is liquid or gas phase, the centrifuge operating temperature should be considered in the process design, which depends on the process conditions, and will not be elaborated here; (2) fire Source, in the design of the centrifuge, apply enough safety space to the moving parts to eliminate the possible mechanical friction and impact, and at the same time, the machine must have measures to eliminate static electricity.
For brake devices, mechanical friction brakes should not be used, generally in the form of electrical energy brakes (non-contact brakes, the disadvantage is that the brake time is longer than the contact type, especially when loaded) This is especially true in cases where the inertia is large.) In addition, for the drive belt, anti-static is used. Electric belt to eliminate or reduce the possibility of static electricity generation; (3) Oxygen, generally protective gas, by replacing the air inside the centrifuge with nitrogen, so that the oxygen concentration is maintained within a safe range.
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