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How Low temperature centrifuge Companies Grasp Market Pulse

2018/6/14 8:30:30      click :
  The low temperature centrifuge uses a specially designed rotor and optical detection system to continuously monitor the sedimentation process of a substance in a centrifugal field to determine its physical properties. It is mostly used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, and sulfate precipitation. Substances and immunoprecipitates are widely used in modern laboratories.
  To ensure the stable and efficient operation of the Low temperature centrifuge, the user should provide him with a good use of the environment and correct operating practices, including the following:
  1. The ground should be smooth and firm: For large centrifuges, the floor must be firmly moved at the installation site to ensure that the rotor of the centrifuge works normally. It does not sink into the recess, and the ground at the installation and fixing site should be smooth and firm.
  2, find a good level: to find a more accurate small-scale, centrifuge cover open, find the level on the spindle, by adjusting the four casters next to adjust the bolt to find a good level, pay attention to one of the feet can not fall.
  3, the power supply voltage: voltage fluctuations to meet the +10% or less of the national standard, otherwise some manufacturers of centrifuges can not be normal operation, if the voltage fluctuations in the above, it is recommended to use regulators to meet this grid.
  4, the ground to prison: the room's power supply wiring to meet the requirements, China is a three-phase four-wire system. Three-phase is the three phases of industrial electricity. When three-phase power is used, the neutral wire is separated from the ground wire. What's more important is whether it is three-phase industrial power or general single-phase power. The ground wire should be reliable to avoid leakage. The ground wire cannot be connected to the heating pipe or water pipe.
  5. There should be no corrosive gas and electromagnetic field interference around the Low temperature centrifuge to prevent premature failure of the protective layer of the instrument and interference with electrical components.
  Today, the whole industry of Low temperature centrifuges is facing a new round of development. In the process of rapid development, there must also be strong foods. This is a market game rule, but it is also an opportunity for enterprise development, timely adjustment of development strategies, and innovation management. The model will enable the centrifuge companies to maintain their vitality, maintain growth and ensure development.