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Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge Usage Details Analysis

2018/6/11 12:00:25      click :
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge refers to a high-speed centrifuge with a refrigeration system. Centrifugal chamber temperature of such centrifuges can usually fall below zero degrees Celsius. To meet the requirements of some customers for the experimental temperature, because some customers do laboratory needs to control the temperature of the centrifugal chamber has reached the experimental requirements. The refrigerated high-speed centrifuge has the functions of fast speed-up and fast speed-down. The fast speed-up time of Z is 20 seconds and the quick-decrease speed is 18 seconds. You can choose different lifting and lowering times.
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge use detail analysis:
  1. The use of centrifuges should select the right rotor and speed, never overspeed.
  2. Do not open the lid during centrifugation, and do not allow the centrifuge to stop on the centrifuge. If there is abnormal sound and vibration, stop immediately.
  3. Select the appropriate temperature, usually 4 °C, in addition to organic solvents, do not drop below zero, so as not to freeze, damage the centrifuge tube and rotor.
  4. Before using the refrigerated high-speed rotor, the hole must be wiped with a rubbing hole stick, and carefully check for cracks and white spots on the bottom of the hole. If so, turn around and scrap.
  5. The amount of solution loaded in the centrifuge tube must be suitable. The stainless steel tube has no cover and can only be installed in 2/3. The plastic tube can be attached to the shoulder. The cover must be covered strictly and no leakage is allowed. Empty tubes will be deformed by centrifugation. Plastic pipes using organic solvents must comply with regulations.
  6. Centrifuge tubes must be placed in pairs and must be strictly balanced with a deviation of <0.1g.
  7. No idling is allowed. Turn the head and use a handle to prevent the rotor from slipping. Turn the head lightly and securely. When turning the handle, hold the handle by hand and turn only the head. The head cover must be tightly capped, and no cover is allowed for centrifugation.
  8. After the rotor is turned on, it must be taken out from the rotor chamber in a timely manner and wiped dry. Wipe the hole carefully with a cleaning rod. If any solution overflows, it must be cleaned. Wipe the interior of the turning head and condense the water. Open the door to cool and dry the head room.
  Set operating parameters of the frozen high speed centrifuge:
  1. Check the speed, time, temperature, acceleration, deceleration, and other parameters displayed on the display panel. The upper part is in the running state, and the lower part is the parameter setting value;
  2. Press the key to move the cursor to the desired parameter to make the parameter, such as speed, brighter; press the cursor key to move the cursor to the position where the parameter value is to be changed;
  3. Use the numeric keys to obtain the desired value; press Enter.
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is suitable for the separation, precipitation and concentration preparation of samples in fields such as biochemistry, medical and health, food safety, life sciences, agriculture and forestry science, animal husbandry science, blood banks, blood stations, biological products, and pharmaceutical products.