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Shanghai Lu Xiangyi promotes digital upgrade of centrifuge

2018/8/31 17:19:47      click :
Shanghai Lu Xiangyi follows the pace of technological development and promotes the digital upgrade of centrifuges. Shanghai Lu Xiangyi held the first meeting of the 2018 version of the centrifuge control system upgrade.
With the deepening of information technology and digital technology, more and more enterprises choose to follow the pace of technological development and continuously inject new kinetic energy into equipment products. On August 30th, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Luxiangyi”) Technology R&D Department held the first meeting of the 2018 version of the centrifuge control system upgrade in the conference room on the second floor of the office building. Li Guimei, the general manager of Shanghai Lu Xiangyi, presided over the meeting, and leaders from the middle and above departments of the relevant departments attended the meeting.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi 2018 version centrifuge control system upgrade first meeting site

The meeting was proposed by Wang Jiwei, head of the R&D department. The problems existing in the current version of the centrifuge control system of the enterprise were discussed on the topic, mainly touch LCD screen, three-level password management, true color display printing, and thousands of history storage functions. The preset program call, the humanized step program setting, the automatic rotor identification, the setting parameters and the running parameters on the same screen are discussed. At the same time, the participants also expressed their opinions and suggestions on the problems existing in the operation of the old version.
Centrifuge is a must-have product in the pharmaceutical industry, and it has high requirements for data, accuracy and other factors. The focus of the upgrade of the 2018 centrifuge control system held by Shanghai Lu Xiangyi is to further ensure the quality and performance of its centrifuges, and to ensure the integrity of data provided by Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuges through popular information and digital technologies. And accuracy.

The participating leaders made comments and suggestions on the problems existing in the operation of the old version

General Manager Li Guimei listened carefully to the content of the meeting and commented on the problems in the old version one by one. Director Hu Yongjun also expressed his opinions and suggestions on the issues raised by the meeting. He said that the quality of the products is the lifeline of the company. The production workshop will arrange the upgrading of the products in strict accordance with the content of the meeting to ensure product quality and improve product performance.
This meeting provided first-hand information for Shanghai Lu Xiangyi to fully upgrade the 2018 version of the control system, and also pointed out the direction for continuous improvement and upgrade of the system. At the end of the meeting, General Manager Li Guimei emphasized that Shanghai Lu Xiangyi must keep up with the pace of informatization construction. The necessary tools and talents supported in the upgrade process are strategic needs to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi centrifuge

“The upgrade of Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge 2018 version of the net system is an important guarantee for the centrifuge to realize 'digital' and provide data. It is an important part of the performance of Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge products.” General Manager Li Guimei said that all departments must be firm The implementation of the ground, the overall acceleration of the upgrade of the 2018 version of the centrifuge control system.
After the meeting, General Manager Li Guimei also deployed the task of upgrading the system's upgrade opinions to various departments, and selected the second meeting according to the feedback.

Shanghai Lu Xiangyi 2018 Centrifuge Control System Upgrade

Overall, the convening of this conference is of great significance to Shanghai Lu Xiangyi. It will help Shanghai Luxiangyi centrifuge control system to be fully upgraded, and will also achieve a leap-forward improvement in product performance management. The opinions and suggestions of the leaders will also have a positive impact on the future improvement of the products.
As the leading enterprise in China's centrifuge industry, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has been working hard in the supply chain management, workshop production management, product quality management, product life cycle management, customer relationship management, product after-sales service management through the joint efforts of enterprises. Has made great progress in other areas. Not only that, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi is still based on the domestic market, and constantly open up overseas markets, and actively promote the breakthrough development of China's centrifuge field.
After more than 40 years of deep cultivation, Shanghai Lu Xiangyi has not only gained profound knowledge in technological innovation, providing advanced equipment and customer service for pharmaceutical companies, but also fills the gap in domestic centrifuge technology to a certain extent. At present, the company has achieved double flowering in the domestic and international centrifuge market, and the business scope is still spreading. It is also expected that the company's 2018 centrifuge control system can be smoothly upgraded.