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Centrifuge is the "superstar" of the pharmaceutical industry

2018/8/29 9:30:31      click :
Centrifuges are considered to be a 'superstar' in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to better adapt to the market demand, the centrifuge industry has grown from a single model.
Such as common high-speedlow-speedRefrigeratedlaboratoryMedical, medical beauty, etc., as well as more targeted such as cells, graphene and so on.
Because of the wide variety of drugs, the requirements for centrifuges are different at the time of production. Some may require specific temperatures, some may require specific speeds, and some may require specific capacities.
Therefore, Shanghai Lu xiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has designed and developed a variety of centrifuges according to the diversified needs of the market. Welcome to know!
Having said that, today we have to talk about how the 'big star' of the pharmaceutical industry is deserved.
First of all, we started with the recent news generics, and we have recently suspended online procurement qualifications. Jiangxi is the first to respond to the requirements of “three or more production enterprises that have passed the consistency evaluation of the same variety of drugs, and no longer use the varieties that have not passed the consistency evaluation in the centralized procurement of drugs”. This brings operational risks to many SMEs, but what is to be said here is that because it is a defense, the focus is on a 'imitation', and the approach is also different from the genuine, whether in production or in production. In the test, the 'artifact' of the centrifuge can be used for comparison analysis!
The State Food and Drug Administration has obtained accurate data through the multi-faceted sampling comparison and the centrifuge equipment. Therefore, five batches of the drug list for consistency evaluation and the company announcement statistics have been released. Currently, there are 67 specifications. Through the consistency evaluation, there are 5 varieties of individual drug companies with 3 individual products, and 7 drugs with two individual products.
Medicines are special commodities that save lives and protect people from life and death. The pharmaceutical industry is an industry that is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood and is strictly controlled by the government. As a pharmaceutical company, if we do not put product development and technological innovation in the first place, we will continue to develop products with stable quality and curative effect to meet the needs of clinical drugs, and truly relieve the pain for patients, it will lose its value and reason. So how to make a good bottle, in addition to the material control, is the talent and equipment on the check, the centrifuge as a must-have product. The requirements for data are high, and the accuracy of a good centrifuge is small, which is helpful for judging the efficacy of the drug after molding.
Seeing if you are here, you are sure that the centrifuge is a well-deserved 'superstar' in the pharmaceutical industry.