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Low temperature centrifuge for motor selection

2018/8/27 17:43:00      click :
As a kind of equipment that is very commonly used in the modern centrifugal industry, Low temperature centrifuge have become more and more smooth in the past few years. More and more people are paying attention to this kind of equipment, and then Xiaobian simply introduces about low temperature. Two motor options for the centrifuge. There are two main types of motors available on the market for centrifugal equipment. One is a brush motor and the other is a brushless motor. Both motors have their own advantages and disadvantages, among which:
1. Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of brushed motors
Advantages: The Low temperature centrifuge uses the brush motor as its own motor form. The carbon brush is used at the internal structure electrode of the motor. The two brushes (copper brush or carbon brush) inside the motor are fixed on the motor back cover through the insulation seat. Directly introducing the positive and negative poles of the power supply to the commutator of the rotor, and the commutator is connected to the coil on the rotor. The alternating polarity of the three coils alternates with the two magnets fixed on the outer casing to rotate. . This type of centrifuge has the advantages of simple manufacturing and low production cost.
Disadvantages: The speed of the cryogenic centrifuge is constant during operation, so it is not easy for the user to adjust the speed, and because the phase changer is fixed with the inner rotor, the brush and the outer casing (stator) are fixed. Together, when the motor rotates, the friction between the brush and the phase changer generates a large amount of resistance and heat, so the efficiency of the brush motor is very high.
2, the advantages and disadvantages of brushless motor
Advantages: The advantage of the brushless motor centrifuge is that the no-load resistance of the centrifuge mainly comes from the rotating contact point between the rotor and the stator. Therefore, the device uses ball bearings at both ends of the rotor to reduce the friction to reduce heat generation. Efficiency and speed, and the user can control the speed of the control, and the controllability is strong.
Disadvantages: The cost of the speed control system of the brushless motor centrifuge is higher than that of the brushed high speed motor, and the controller of the centrifuge is prone to failure during use.