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Laboratory centrifuge optional elements

2018/8/22 17:11:55      click :
The laboratory centrifuge is mainly used in laboratory research units, so it plays a vital role in the experimental results, so when the customer re-purchases or the manufacturer is not sloppy at the time of manufacture!
First of all, from the perspective of the production of laboratory centrifuge manufacturers:
The first is the material. The laboratory will encounter many different substances, and some will be corrosive, so the material should not be sloppy.
Second, as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, so the production of details is also crucial. For example, if the details are done, there will be fewer problems, and the common leakage problem is the key to the details!
Third, the design problem, this question is not big, why do you say that if a manufacturer has a problem with the design of the product in general, it will be used for production, then the manufacturer can pass directly. This kind of big mistake can be made, you don't have to ask for details, the details must not be done!
After reading the above three points, we have certain requirements for the laboratory centrifuge manufacturer, so there will be a measuring scale when selecting the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the manufacturers that can meet these requirements say that there are not many, saying that there are not many. Squeezed in the forefront is definitely a big-name veteran manufacturer, behind the point, not a senior purchaser or user will not identify the product is good or bad, and will not judge the manufacturer from the product, of course you will doubt, not to say first select Is the manufacturer looking at the product? Here, Xiaobian wants to say that the idea can't be just this one, but also flexible. When the manufacturer at the edge of your standard makes you entangled and can't judge, you should consider the manufacturer from the product. Let's talk about it. Requirements for purchasing laboratory centrifuge products:
We do analysis from the inside out, the core is the rotor, and the consumables are the centrifuge tubes.
The first is the rotor. The quality of the rotor directly affects the life of the centrifuge, and the maintenance and repairs in the later period. Therefore, you should know the details of the rotor from the merchant when purchasing, and then the centrifuge tube, which is known as the common consumables in the laboratory, although it is a common consumable. But it can save the province, the material of the centrifuge tube is affordable, don't be sloppy!
Then there is the external structure, such as the cover material, and the external structural material, will there be the use of hot phenomenon, etc. These are observed from the outside, and finally the whole, the whole is to see if the accessories are reasonable, even if the accessories are good, use The wrong is also a waste, the same reason, with the right local material is not worth it!
Having said that, I don't know if it will help you to purchase a laboratory centrifuge. If there are any unclear places or supplements, welcome to communicate!