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The development trend of the centrifuge market is intelligent

2018/5/17 17:25:15      click :
  In recent years, the continuous development of science and technology, the increasing demand for centrifuges, the rapid development of the centrifuge industry, the growing production team of centrifuges, showing a promising situation. However, the domestic centrifugal equipment technology and technology are relatively lagging behind, companies often need to get the market through price warfare, but taking the road of technological innovation and quality development is the foundation for the development of centrifuge companies. With the implementation of the new domestic version of GMP, The requirements of centrifuges will become higher and higher, and the industry must continue to be intelligent.
  At present, the development trend of the centrifuge market is intelligent, easy to control, liberate the labor force of the operators, and at the same time it helps to promote the exchange of marketing communications strategies through various exports and the cultivation of customer booths. Relevant experts pointed out that domestic companies should put this new type of centrifuge design concept into production as soon as possible, and develop more new centrifuges to put into the international market, so as to truly solve the separation requirements of large-scale enterprises and provide effective solutions.
  Centrifuges have a cylinder that rotates at high speed around its own axis, called a drum, usually driven by an electric motor. After the suspension (or emulsion) is added to the drum, it is quickly driven to rotate at the same speed as the drum. The components are separated under centrifugal force and discharged separately. In general, the higher the drum speed, the better the separation effect.
  Centrifuge operating procedures:
  1, the density of the centrifuge sample should be the same, from the mouth of the test tube adhere to 3mm.
  2. Place the centrifuge tube with the same density, balance, and dry wall as the symmetrical condition into the hanging basket. Tighten the corresponding tube cover and hang it on the corresponding hanging basket. The empty hanging basket must also be hung in order to make the rotor horizontal The force is even, otherwise there will be a severe laboratory incident with a broken shaft at work.
  3, cover the centrifuge cover
  4, open the switch
  5. Place the hanging basket rotor vertically and quietly on the shaft sleeve to ensure its firmness.
  6, tighten the back cover.
  7. Hold down the door by holding down the designated position.
  8, Centrifugal parameter settings: speed, time, type of return, temperature, frequency of lift speed (Transfer type function is now automatic rotor identification function
  9. Confirm the parameter settings are correct, press the start button START, after the high speed refrigerated centrifuge reaches the set speed 5 minutes, the user can leave. During the centrifugation, it is necessary to investigate whether the instrument is working properly.
  10. After the centrifugation is completed (or press STOP to complete the work), after turning back to work, open the door cover, loosen the back cover, take it back and put it on the special rack, and then take out the sample and remove the sample.
  11, open the basket on the designated position, if there is leakage, remove the seal, then wash it upside down on the tablecloth
  12. Turn off the power of the instrument
  13. Clean the condensate in the centrifuge cavity
  When the centrifuge does not turn, with the increase of temperature gradient, the temperature in the tin melt pulsates from pulseless to cyclic, followed by irregular pulse, the amplitude increases significantly. When the temperature gradient is about, the pulse amplitude is about After the rotation of the centrifuge, the two rotation modes increase in both forward rotation and reverse rotation. Among them, the centrifugal acceleration is the acceleration of gravity, the convection in the melt is strengthened, and the heat and mass transfer in the melt are promoted, and the temperature is measured. The gradients are all reduced but the trend of temperature pulsation is very different. When the centrifuge rotates forward, a set of temperature pulsation curves are measured.
  Centrifuges are mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid; or to separate the two incompatible emulsions in the emulsion (for example, to separate cream from the milk); it can also be used to eliminate Liquids in wet solids, such as washing wet clothes with a washing machine; special overspeed tube separators can also separate gas mixtures of different densities; use different characteristics of solid particles of different densities or particle sizes in the liquid, some settlement Centrifuges can also classify solid particles by density or size.