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The excellent design of Low temperature centrifuges helps their corrosion preservation

2018/5/18 11:25:54      click :
  In the process of using the Low temperature centrifuge, in order to ensure the stability of the equipment and effectively prolong the service life of the centrifuge equipment, it is necessary for the anticorrosion work of the centrifugal equipment such as Low temperature centrifuges. Further protect the centrifuge, and generally, the Low temperature centrifuge anti-corrosion measures include four aspects, namely:
  1. Surface protection measures for Low temperature centrifuges: A basic idea for controlling corrosion is to isolate the corrosive environment. In the design of centrifuges, surface treatment methods such as flanges, galvanizing, chrome plating, electroless plating, etc. are often used. These methods are effective in many environments, but an important phenomenon must be noted for rotating parts: Materials and coatings are two kinds of materials, their linear expansion coefficients are different, will produce different deformation when the rotating part is elastically deformed, which will cause a large number of micro cracks; if the aforesaid phenomenon exists, it will accelerate the formation of corrosion. Therefore, the method of surface protection for rotating parts should be used with caution.
  2. The mechanism design of Low temperature centrifuges. An excellent design can prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment. For the structural design, the design defect that most easily accelerates the corrosion is the stress concentration tendency and the crevice environment, sometimes in the metal soaking solution. , The corrosion rate is small; but the formation of gaps, due to changes in the chemical and electrochemical state of the internal solution, will cause severe crevice corrosion.
  3, choose the material of the centrifuge is very important because of different materials and separation requirements, need to use different models. After determining the model and main parameters, according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, comprehensive factors such as its rationalized features, cost-effectiveness and other factors, the strength part material is determined from the basic surface. From the point of view of the material itself, the target material it targets is safe.
  4, the use of corrosion inhibitors The low-temperature centrifuge itself involves many disciplines, to use a good centrifuge, in addition to some of the above measures, it should also pay attention to study its application environment. The application of corrosion inhibitors is also widely used in practical applications. For certain harsh environments, the use of appropriate corrosion inhibitors will allow the parts to reach a suitable level. As long as the process permits and the use of corrosion inhibitors, it should be an effective way for the application of Low temperature centrifuges.
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