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Mini centrifuge can be used in low temperature and cold environment

2018/5/25 13:44:00      click :
  Mini centrifuge with advanced design, smart multi-purpose, full-mold super-injection molding, equipped with a variety of centrifugal rotor, humanized switch design (top cover turn, open the lid and stop) transparent cover, multi-rotor Equipped to fully reflect the people-oriented, service and scientific research concept. The appearance of the Mini centrifuge is novel and unique, with multiple dexterity. It is equipped with two kinds of centrifuge rotors and various test tubes. The mini centrifuge is suitable for 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes and PCR with 0.2ml--8 row centrifugal. tube. Humanized design, with flip switch function, open the cover automatically stops (press the top cover and turn, open the lid and stop), and have electronic timing function. Fully transparent round cover, equipped with multiple rotors, fully embodies the people-oriented, service and scientific research.
  Mini centrifuge features:
  1. Temperature diverting design, high speed operation will not produce high temperature impact sample
  2. Streamlined design, beautiful and generous; occupy a small space,
  3. High-quality composite materials and modern production processes; smooth operation; ensure safety
  4. When the cover is opened, the rotor immediately stops running, which avoids possible damage due to rotation
  5. The mini centrifuge adopts the world's most advanced broadband power technology (85V-220V) to ensure the running quality;
  6. The whole machine is equipped with multiple interchangeable rotor heads, one machine is used for multiple purposes, and flexible parameters are used
  7. With rubber base to keep the machine from moving during operation
  8. Can be used as a laboratory personal, on the test bench, can also be used in a cold environment
  The Mini centrifuge adopts advanced design concept and manufacturing technology. Its appearance is smooth and beautiful, its structure is compact and firm, and it is ultra-quiet. It is a rare instrument boutique for scientific research experiments. This Mini centrifuge is ideally suited for micro-tube filtration and rapid centrifugation, preventing liquid walling in centrifuge tubes. Mini-centrifuges are widely used in the field of life sciences as low-speed and medium-speed microcentrifuges. In routine life science experiments, the use of micro-tubes for sedimentation or centrifugation is an essential prerequisite for experiments.