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Analysis of the Important Effect of Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge on Flow Stability

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  Centrifuge principle of Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge:
  Centrifuges are machines that use centrifugal force to accelerate the separation of different substances that need to be separated. Divided into two types of decanter centrifuges and filter centrifuges. The main principle of the decanter centrifuge is to accelerate the settling velocity of different specific gravity components (solid or liquid phase) in the mixed liquid by the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor, and to separate the substances with different sedimentation coefficients and buoyant densities in the sample. The main principle of the filter centrifuge is that the liquid phase in the solid-liquid mixture is accelerated out of the drum by the centrifugal force (with suitable filter material) generated by the high-speed centrifugal drum, leaving the solid phase in the drum. , to achieve the effect of separation of solids and liquids, or commonly known as the effect of dehydration.
  The role of the Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge during forward rotation is to make the flow lines in the cells approach the boundary. This plays an important role in the stability of the flow, and the temperature pulsation is reduced. When the used high-speed centrifuge is reversed, the effect is Extruding the vortex toward the center will cause vortices to make the flow more unstable and the temperature pulsation will increase the concentration of impurities in the crystal during crystal growth. Obviously, intense temperature pulsation can cause uneven distribution of impurities in the crystal, resulting in impurity streaks. If the direction of rotation of the second-hand refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is the same as the direction of thermal convection in the melt, that is, when the high-temperature end of the melt is facing the wind, the temperature pulsation in the melt can be suppressed, which is conducive to the growth of single crystals without impurity striations. If the refrigerated high-speed centrifuge rotates in the reverse direction, ie when the low-temperature end of the melt is facing the wind, there is a strong temperature pulsation in the melt, which is not conducive to the uniform growth of the single crystal.
  When the Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge does not turn, with the increase of temperature gradient, the temperature in the tin melt fluctuates from pulseless to periodic, followed by irregular pulse, the amplitude is obviously increased, and when the temperature gradient is approximately, the pulsation amplitude is approximately After the second-hand refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is turned, the two rotation modes, positive rotation and reverse rotation, enhance the performance of a good fortune, including centrifugal acceleration, acceleration of gravity, convection in the melt, and promotion of heat transfer in the melt. When the mass transfer is performed, the measured temperature gradients are all reduced, but the trend of temperature fluctuation is different. When the Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is rotating forward, a set of temperature pulsation curves are measured.
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge maintenance:
  1. When the rotor is not in use, it should be taken out from the centrifugal cavity, cleaned and wiped with neutral detergent in time, and stored in a dry and ventilated place.
  2. Clean the centrifugation chamber after centrifugation every day and wipe off the water. Periodically remove the spring sleeve on the shaft and apply grease on the shaft cone surface and the inner and outer surfaces of the spring sleeve to prevent rust.
  3. Keep the clean place of the Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge, pay attention to check whether the condenser is blocked. After the blockage affects the heat dissipation, it should be cleared in time to ensure the cooling effect.
  4. The place where the centrifuge is stored should avoid the ultraviolet rays, otherwise the machine and the rotor will fade easily, and the sprayed plastic layer will peel off easily. If it cannot be avoided, it shall be covered with cloth after the centrifuge is running to block the ultraviolet rays.
  5, after the completion of the centrifuge, the lid should be opened, so that water evaporation in the centrifugal chamber.
  The Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge mainly extracts the necessary components from the liquid mixture. According to the density of each substance, after high-speed rotation, the dense liquid sinks in the bottom layer, and the liquid with low density floats on the top, thus stratifying the liquid. to extract the pure things we need. It is used in many fields such as medicine and chemical industry.