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The role of reliable high-speed centrifuges for research work is unquestionable

2018/5/29 11:12:53      click :
  High-speed centrifuges are widely used in different fields, especially research-related work. The use of such equipment can have very unexpected results, so high-speed centrifuges have made great contributions to drugs and biological products. Due to the use of DC inverter motors or DC brushless motors, the speed is generally adjustable and has a high speed. High-speed centrifuge desktop structure, all-steel structure, novel design. The high-speed centrifuge is driven by a brushless DC motor, which has low noise, long service life, high speed, and strong load capacity. The machine adopts microcomputer control system, LED digital display.
  Maintenance points between high-speed centrifuge parts:
  First, check the important components
  In order to ensure that high-speed centrifuge components are in perfect condition at all times, relevant inspections are done every day, such as checking whether the motor suspension is stable and whether the shaft is deviated. At the same time, high-speed centrifuge manufacturers also reminded to check whether there is corrosion of the rotor and accessories and whether the fastening status of the screw connection meets the requirements, etc., and treat every detail carefully so as to ensure maximum accuracy.
  Second, to carry out regular maintenance of centrifuge accessories
  During the routine maintenance, if the centrifuge tubes of the high-speed centrifuge can be observed to be discolored and yellow, or have been deformed, etc., then if you continue to use it, there will be dangers such as leaks, so you must replace them before you can use them again; It should be noted that when the centrifuge tube is subjected to autoclaving, the cap must be protected, so it cannot be screwed on. At the same time pay attention to the placement of high-speed centrifuges and other equipment to maintain distance, in order to ensure safety issues.
  Third, to deal with rotating pin and condenser maintenance
  It should be noted that rotating pins need to be lubricated with lubricating oil to ensure that high-speed centrifuges run smoothly. Hot-selling high-speed centrifuge manufacturers also reminded that because the condenser is used to cool the refrigerant, it should be installed in the back of the centrifuge and should be used air-cooled, and pay attention to the condenser should be regularly cleaned of dust to avoid heat transfer blocked, generally recommended compression can also be used The air is purging here.
  High-speed centrifuge product features:
  ● Drive: Brushless DC motor drive, maintenance-free, large torque, fast lifting speed, special combination of damping device makes the motor run smoothly.
  ● Display: intelligent control, touch panel, intuitive digital display, operating parameters can be automatically memorized, can be set directly by RCF.
  ● Fuselage: The fuselage adopts high-quality steel structure, stainless steel centrifugal cavity, durable and easy to clean.
  ● Security: The rotor identification system has multiple protection functions such as self-locking, overspeed, and unbalance, and is equipped with an electronic door lock to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  High-speed centrifuge vibration is an important indicator of the merits of high-speed centrifuge performance. Vibration damping can be taken by active damping and passive damping. Active damping is to avoid the critical speed of the rotating system in the design. Passive vibration reduction is the use of various types of shock absorbers to isolate vibrations from the rack and foundation.
  1. Design the spindle bearing housing as a flexible vibration-damping type;
  2. Flexible connection between spindle and motor;
  3, the entire drive system and rack flexible connection.
  Rubber shock absorbers can generally meet the damping requirements of high-speed centrifuges. In the case of a damper structure, the greater the rubber hardness, the higher the critical speed of the system. Shock absorbers with too low a hardness have insufficient strength and are easily damaged.
  The role of reliable high-speed centrifuge equipment in people's research and production is unquestionable. Therefore, to understand the technical level of manufacturers in the field of centrifuge research and development, we must examine the performance characteristics and functional advantages of high-speed centrifuge equipment. , but also under the guidance of experts in the predecessor