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2014 Lu Xiang centrifuge Annual Meeting

2015/2/12 11:56:03      click :

Dear colleagues and friends, are you!

2015 Chinese New Year approaching, I would like on behalf of Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines to the hard work of the various positions of the staff to extend my sincere thanks and congratulations to the new year!

Looking back over 2014, Lu Xiang instrument company in the joint efforts of all staff, the company in all aspects of work have achieved good results. Departments strict management, clear responsibility, dedication, particularly Ma Chien-chih production well managed, Sales Manager Xu Fengyan very place. The company show a united, positive, efficient and pragmatic good work atmosphere, employee job skills gradually improved. While the economic market trend is not very optimistic, but the company's overall operating performance or to show good momentum, Lu Xiang instrument companies still get a healthy, steady and sustainable development, so that the steady sales growth, which is the result of Luxiang instrument all salespeople joint effort also we all sit together you struggle results. Here again I deeply thank my colleagues and friends for a long time for the Lu Xiang and instruments for their hard efforts.

New year, we will face more difficulties and risks, of course, but also greater challenges and opportunities. Through the present analysis, the 2015 market outlook is more optimistic, because we recruited two new members of the foreign trade, domestic trade, supplemented with three new members, and strength in numbers, as the saying goes: people pick up material high flame, I believe there add new power to make our market share to the next level. So we have to make every effort to seize the opportunity to grasp the current market momentum, the company location and use of existing strengths, mining resources, integration of resources, increased marketing efforts, improve production quality, in the fight for greater market share the breakthrough, which have more initiative in market competition, and I am confident of Luxiang instrument!

We want to continue the management of the company do a good job management system approach added system, good competition, skilled job, do not take hours to finish the work at the expense of quality, and quality is the lifeblood of a business. We should strive to be market-oriented, spare no efforts to improve sales and after-sales work products.

My company's technical staff Li Gong, Feng workers, must go out to draw domestic and foreign advanced technology and design concepts designed to strive to meet the market demand, new product stand out, Li Gong is a high IQ engineer he designed the earth separating centrifuge, this product is irreplaceable in the country, so we have a selling point, as well as our super rock centrifuge rotor to achieve a level of more than 12,000 rpm, but also to fill the domestic blank, but with the international products contest, we have seen some of the problems of our products, such as noise, such as fever, etc., but also our technical staff continue to study and improve.

2015, our company will try to create a corporate culture. We not only do business strategy requirements, but also to establish their own unique corporate culture, corporate values, the company's brand image and greater promotion. In order to enhance the corporate brand, we have designed and registered a new trademark, new logo 15 years have begun to use foreign clients come to see the new logo to give a high evaluation, that we have European and American style trademark. Currently our business CI, still in the design.

Anyway, I believe in 2015 under the leadership of the company's management, under the joint efforts of all our staff, will be to develop innovative, advancing with the spirit, in the new year with a new attitude, a new the pace of write a new chapter!

I wish you and your family in the new year in good health, success in work, good luck, the family happy, happy New Year!