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Shanghai Lu Xiangyi refrigerated centrifuge special explanation

2018/10/15 11:35:13      click :

  The refrigerated centrifuge is mainly a function of freezing, and is one of the more special products in the whole class of centrifuges. Because of the freezing function, there are requirements for insulation of the centrifuge working tank, as well as centrifugal operation at low temperatures, and temperature rise and fall are required.
  Conventional refrigerated centrifuges have achieved low noise, computer control, and intelligent requirements. Accuracy has always been a requirement of every centrifuge in the centrifuge industry.
  The refrigerated centrifuge of Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. is equipped with electronic door locks, with various protection functions such as door cover protection, overspeed and over temperature; automatic fault alarm function, safe and reliable. With 9 program rise/fall rate curves, the up/down time can be set as needed. Automatic rotor identification. Large-screen high-definition true color TFT touch screen control, programmable operation, host operating parameters can be set and automatically stored according to requirements, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.
  Because refrigerated centrifuges are a large class in the industry, Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed and produced various types of refrigerated centrifuges for high speed, low speed, large capacity, desktop and vertical.

Refrigerated centrifuge

  It is precisely because Shanghai Luxiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. has a thorough understanding of each branch centrifuge of the refrigerated centrifuge, so it has attracted a large number of customers at home and abroad. It is understood that a large number of refrigerated centrifuge type products were sent to Peru in August. The machine purchased by the customer is a DL-6M large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge equipped with a 1200*6 horizontal rotor. This configuration is specially designed for customers with large capacity requirements. This model has a large sample throughput and is a central blood station, pharmaceutical, and biological. Products in engineering and other fields.
  After reading the above information, if you also buy a favorite refrigerated centrifuge, then Xiaobian sincerely recommend to you - Shanghai Lu Xiangyi Centrifuge Instrument Co., Ltd. The company is large in scale and has a long history in the centrifuge industry. Of course, if you have time, you can go to Shanghai Lu Xiangyi for a site visit. I think you will be shocked because Lu Xiangyi has a complete range of centrifuge showrooms and multiple A large production workshop.