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Lu Xiang instrument with Belarus customers and multinational customers in Thailand to establish long-term cooperation platform

2013/7/29 17:10:18      click :

    Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines on recent exhibitions at home and abroad to participate in the long-term, and the importance of developing economic and trade cooperation abroad, maintain close ties with Belarus customers and customers in Thailand.

     This year, in July Belarus customers and customers in Thailand attaches great importance to the development of bilateral cooperation, the company responsible for sending people to come to our consultation meetings, and actively carry out the commission in charge of production and supply centrifuge instrument Hailu Xiang products business, at present, Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines Belarus and Thailand signed a cooperation agreement in Shanghai, multinational companies to establish long-term strategic cooperation platform for the first time.

(Lu Xiang instrument representatives of Belarus, representatives of Thailand in the conference room to discuss cooperation matters)

(Lu Xiang instrument with Belarus and Thailand to execute long-term relationship)

     All products on Hailu Xiang-centrifuge machines to obtain ISO international quality certification and CE certification of European unification, engaged in high-speed centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, large capacity centrifuge, high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, special blood bank centrifuges, automatic centrifuge hat , PRP beauty centrifuge manufacturing and marketing. Meanwhile, the company uphold the quality first business philosophy, and the importance of supporting service system, to provide equipment installation, maintenance and renovation and other specialized services. Sales cooperation with free advice hotline: 400-8210-672