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An important indicator of separation performance of high-speed centrifuge

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An important indicator of the performance of a high-speed centrifuge is the separation factor. The material is centrifuged in the drum under the centrifugal force and its gravity ratio, the higher the separation factor, usually a faster separation, the better the separation. The industrial centrifugal separation factor is generally 100 ~ 20000, the separation factor of the acceleration speed separator can be as high as 62000, the analysis of the separation factor with an acceleration of up to 610,000. Another factor that determines the processing capacity of centrifuges is the working area of the drum and the large work area. High speed centrifugal high speed of 20000r / min or so, the relative maximum centrifugal force of up to 45000g, due to the high speed, the general is equipped with a temperature control device. Centrifuge for a variety of biological cells, viruses, serum proteins and other organic matter, inorganic solution, suspension and colloidal solution samples such as separation, concentration, extraction and other preparation work.

The high-speed centrifuge is a centrifugal separation of different materials to accelerate the separation of equipment, it is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and other fields. Centrifugal principle of centrifugal filtration and centrifugal settlement of two. Centrifugation is a suspension was produced under the centrifugal field of the centrifugal pressure acting on the filter medium, the liquid through the filter media to be filtered, and the solid particles are trapped on the surface of the filter medium, thereby realizing a liquid - solid separation; Centrifugal sedimentation using The suspension (or emulsion) of different density of each component in the centrifugal force quickly establishes the principle of stratification, to achieve liquid - solid (or liquid - liquid) separation. There is also a kind of experimental analysis of the separator, the liquid can be clarified and the enrichment of solid particles, or liquid-liquid separation, such separators have atmospheric pressure, vacuum, frozen in different operating conditions of the structure.

High-speed centrifuge is mainly extracted from the liquid mixture of the necessary components, depending on the density of each material, through high-speed rotation, high-density sink in the bottom of the liquid, less dense liquid that floats in the top, this will be to separate liquids, extract the pure things that I need. According to experts, differential centrifugation is one of the most commonly used methods. In this method, the centrifuge tube is initially filled with a uniform sample solution. After a certain period of time at a certain centrifugation speed, you can obtain two parts: precipitation and supernatant. Differential centrifugation is characterized by a simple operation, but the purity of the separation is not high. Maintenance of high speed centrifuges: Do not place any material on the centrifuge lid. Always clean the light and the rotor every time it is used. If the centrifuge is not used for a long time, open the centrifuge lid for a period of time before using it and dry the light. After using the motor carbon brush 3000 hours, it should be replaced quickly, so as not to use the switch.


The long-term use of the desktop centrifuge, the normal wear, the speed control system of the centrifuge and the temperature control system are superior to the low speed centrifuge. Such as certain refrigerated speed control system of the automatic high-speed centrifuge using the IC circuit, the structure is simple, stable, and, in the automatic speed control circuit IC, specifically with the overspeed protection circuit, safe and confiable; With the temperature control system of the SCR element, Through two heat sensitive components, the test of the ambient temperature of the centrifuge and the room temperature, the automatic temperature control of the centrifuge chamber.