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Three minutes to learn refrigerated high-speed centrifuge common fault response measures

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  Since the advent of the refrigerated high-speed centrifuge, it has undergone low-speed, adjustment, and over-speed changes. Its progress is mainly reflected in the centrifugal equipment and centrifugal technology, and the two complement each other. From the perspective of rotational speed, the desktop centrifuge is basically in the category of low-speed, high-speed centrifuges. Therefore, it has the technical characteristics of low-speed and high-speed centrifuges. Its structure is mainly composed of motor drive system, refrigeration system, mechanical system, rotor and system control. Composition. The development of universal benchtop centrifuges has blurred the boundaries of low-speed, high-speed centrifuges. Many rotors provide researchers with a wide range of applications and become the preferred model for research laboratories.
  What should I do if there is a problem with the refrigerated high-speed centrifuge? In general, what are the common problems and what should be done? Let's listen to the advice of the laboratory centrifuge experts:
  Because there is no relevant maintenance information and professional maintenance tools, there is no problem in controlling the motor. Therefore, first check the motor aspect of the rotor. After measuring with a multimeter, it can be seen that the circuit of the motor is normal, that is to say, there is no problem with the coil of the motor. After checking the carbon brush of the motor and removing the carbon brush from the base of the rotor, it was found that the carbon brush had the same phenomenon of common grinding. Therefore, it is basically possible to determine that there is no problem in the motor aspect of the rotor (hardware is normal), so the cause of the fault can basically be determined as a problem in the control of the motor, but in the absence of data and tools, the problem cannot be quickly found and solved, resulting in Our equipment is not working properly.

Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge

  Symptom Turn on the power of the centrifuge, and press the start button to start the centrifuge. The high-speed refrigerated centrifuge analyzes and repairs the power of the centrifuge. After pressing the start button, the rotor of the centrifuge cannot operate, but the compressor of the centrifuge can work normally. Therefore, the analysis of the fault mainly focuses on the motor aspect of the rotor and the control of the motor.
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifugemust also have effective armor protection to prevent debris from flying out when the rotor is broken.
  1. Centrifugal chamber
  The centrifuge chamber is where the rotor is running at high speed. It consists of a two-layer steel cylinder. The inner layer is made of corrosion-resistant steel to prevent corrosion of the spilled sample liquid. The outer layer is protected by armor with a thickness of about 10mm. There is an evaporation tube for cooling the centrifugal chamber between the two cylinders.
  2. Drive System
  Most of the driving devices of the ultracentrifuge are shifted by a water-cooled or air-cooled motor through a precision gearbox, or by a belt shifting, or by a variable frequency motor connected to a rotor shaft to generate a shift. The rotor speed is selected by a varistor and a controller with a gyro meter. In addition, there is an overspeed protection system to prevent the rotor from tearing or exploding caused by the speed exceeding the specified speed of the rotor.
  3. Temperature control
  The temperature control in the centrifuge chamber directly and continuously monitors the temperature of the rotor by an infrared radiation sensor installed below the rotor to ensure sensitive and accurate temperature control. The temperature control system is composed of a refrigeration compressor, a condenser, a drying filter, an expansion valve, an evaporation tube, and the like.
  After adopting the microcomputer technology, the function of the hardware can be replaced by software or the functions that are difficult to implement by the hardware, such as the centrifuge program control and the motor control, which not only greatly simplify the structure of the hardware, but also become multifunctional and automated. The core of the general high-speed refrigerated centrifuge computer control system is a single-chip microcomputer. The hardware system includes: operation interface, motor control interface, temperature control interface, security protection monitoring interface, system monitoring and so on. The operation interface manages the keyboard and display. For the convenience of user operation and monitoring of operating parameters, the operation interface should follow the principle of simple and concise, logical and clear parameters.