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Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge program analysis

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  The refrigerated high-speed centrifuge mainly extracts the required components from the liquid mixture. According to the density of each substance, after high-speed rotation, the dense liquid sinks to the bottom layer, and the small density liquid floats on it, thus stratifying the liquid. To extract the pure things we need. It is used in many fields such as medicine and chemical industry. The difference between the mainframes of the refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is that in terms of performance, the centrifuge with the refrigerated is much more expensive than the ordinary one, and some centrifuges also have the heating function, and the more the control program, the higher the price of the centrifuge. The big difference is the configuration aspect, and sometimes the price of the attachment is often higher than the price of the host. When purchasing, be careful to select the rotor, in addition to the main unit, plus the necessary centrifuge tubes, sleeves, special centrifuge bottles or blood bags, all of which add up to the price of a complete centrifuge.
  Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge use program:
  1. Place the centrifuge on the platform, visually balance it, and gently shake it by hand to check if the centrifuge is placed smoothly.
  2. After confirming that the placement is stable, turn on the power, press the power switch, and when the power is turned on, the door cover can be opened after the electronic lock “beep” sounds.
  3. Open the door cover, gently place the selected rotor on the motor shaft, and screw the screw to tightly connect the rotor and the motor shaft (note that the action should be careful and gentle, avoiding a large amount of shaking and pulling up and down, so as to avoid Damage the flexible support of the motor), then put the hanging cup or the adapter with the test tube on the rotor, then gently rotate the rotor body, the rotor should be flexible, and the cup (adapter) should be tilted freely on the rotor, without blockage and rubbing Touch phenomenon.
  4. Place the centrifuge tube with the same amount of test solution symmetrically into the rotor cup (test tube) to ensure balanced operation of the rotor.
  5. Close the door and check if it is locked. (Gently close the door and close the door. The door will not open. If the door is not closed, press “Start” and the “Time/Fault” window will display E3. ).
  6, set the rotor number, speed, time, temperature and other operating parameters.

Refrigerated high-speed centrifuge

  Safety instructions for refrigerated high-speed centrifuges:
  (1) If the power indicator light is not lit when starting up, stop it immediately.
  (2) It is strictly forbidden to operate without load when the rotor is not installed.
  (3) Check the rotor for corrosion damage before operation.
  (4) Do not open the centrifuge cover while the rotor is running, do not touch the running rotor.
  (5) It is strictly forbidden to operate the rotor under unbalanced loading conditions.
  A refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is a high speed centrifuge with a refrigeration system. The centrifuge chamber temperature of such centrifuges typically drops below zero degrees Celsius. Meet some customers' requirements for experimental temperature, because some customers need to control the temperature of the centrifuge chamber to meet the experimental requirements. The refrigerated high-speed centrifuge is an advanced intelligent instrument widely used in biochemistry, medical and health, food safety, life science, agriculture and forestry science, animal husbandry science, blood bank, blood station, bio-pharmaceutical, etc. The ideal equipment is a high-tech product that is dedicated to replacing imported instruments.