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The purchase of the centrifuge is a combination of multi-party work considerations

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  The price of the centrifuge is in fact very affordable, and the centrifuge is a kind of rotary machine. Ideally, the pressure on the bearing will be the same when the rotor is rotated and not rotating. Such a rotating body is a balanced rotating body. However, various rotary bodies in the project, such as centrifuge drums, screw conveyors, etc., due to uneven material or blank defects, errors in machining or assembly, so that the rotating body rotates at a certain speed ω at this time, the centrifugal inertial forces generated by each of the minute particles cannot cancel each other out. In this way, vibration is generated by the alternating centrifugal inertial force acting on the machine and its foundation through the bearing. Therefore, the vibration of the centrifuge is a forced vibration caused by the inertial centrifugal force.
  Centrifugal separation technology is a new technology developed based on the state of the particles in a practical centrifugal environment. Particles of different densities, sizes or shapes settle in different centrifugal situations, so a substantially spherically heterogeneous mixture can be separated by centrifugation. The centrifuge is designed to further study biochemistry and separate large quantities of material. For example, cells are collected, plasma is separated. DNA and protein molecules are separated from these pre-purified preparations, and viruses and large-scale Escherichia coli, strict cell components, nuclear protein microparticles, and the like are isolated. This machine adopts brushless DC motor, microcomputer control, with RCF automatic calculation and setting. With a variety of program protection. Easy to operate, with automatic balancing.


  Centrifuge product features:
  1. Beautiful appearance, large capacity and small size.
  2. Full-featured, stable performance, adjustable speed, high efficiency and wide applicability.
  3. Microcomputer control, programming parameters long-term storage, touch panel, large and bright LCD display
  4. The operation is simple, the menu structure design of the program makes you at a glance.
  5. The user can set or modify the operating parameters according to their need.
  6. You can clearly understand the setting parameters and the running status of the instrument, such as speed and time, through the display by choosing the relevant button.
  7. When set working time is reached, the operation ends, overspeed, unbalance and other alarms are safe and reliable.
  8. This unit is under a memory function. If the speed and timing of the unit are not changed next time, the setting procedure can be omitted.
  The problems that should be paid attention to when using the centrifuge:
  1. The centrifuge should be placed horizontally, 10cm above the wall, and maintain a good ventilation environment, protected from direct radiation of heat and sunlight. The room temperature should not exceed 30 C. Otherwise it will affect the cooling effect.
  2. When the external humidity is large, the moisture in the centrifuge chamber is volatilized slowly. At this time, it should be removed in time to prevent the instrument from rusting.
  3. When centrifuging the sample tube just taken out from the water temperature tank, always check whether there is any water in the centrifuge cup and pour it in time to keep the balance of the centrifuge cup dry and centrifuged.
  4. The centrifuge is forbidden to rotate without turning the rotor. The idling will cause the centrifuge shaft to bend. When used, the load must be balanced and conform to the symmetrical installation.
  5, should pay attention to prevent radioactive isotope contamination of the instrument, first of all to carefully observe the sample tube with or without cracks or trachoma holes to avoid liquid leakage during centrifugation; secondly, the plastic tube placed in the centrifuge cup should be light, prevent liquid spillage .
  6. If the liquid enters the centrifuge cup and causes contamination in the centrifuge chamber, the centrifuge cup should be taken out immediately, rinsed repeatedly with tap water and dried, and the centrifuge chamber should be thoroughly cleaned.
  Centrifuge purchase:
  At present, there are many centrifuges on the market. These centrifuges are available in a wide variety of models and types. The price should be relatively high.
  When choosing a centrifuge, consider the following factors:
  (1) The purpose of purchasing centrifugation, analyzing the centrifugation or preparing the centrifugation;
  (2) The type and quantity of the sample, whether it is a cell, a virus, or a protein, the size of the sample. Based on these factors, decide whether to purchase an analytical centrifuge or a centrifuge; whether it is low speed, high speed or overspeed; is a large capacity, constant or micro centrifuge.
  (3) Economic ability: When the model is determined, the manufacturer and price should be considered, and the performance of the price and product is synchronized.
  (4) Other details: such as whether the centrifugal operation is simple, whether the maintenance is convenient, whether the design is outdated, and whether the wearing of the consumables is convenient.
  The centrifuge is also a high-precision instrument that must be carefully selected when purchasing and cannot be sloppy.
  The core component of current centrifuges is that once the rotor is damaged. The machine cannot be used. Prices range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of reminds depending on the speed and workmanship. Therefore, the requirements for the rotor when purchasing should be considered first!