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Take you easy to understand high speed centrifuge

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  High Speed Microcentrifuge user-friendly LCD large display, operating information, panoramic view, ultra-quiet and stable operation, improve the experimental environment. The powerful brushless maintenance-free motor drives quickly and easily accelerates to the set speed; the unique dual air cooling design ensures the rotor to run at normal temperature; the gentle speed reduction design at low speeds makes the separation better.
  The high Speed Microcentrifuge is driven by a microcomputer controlled, brushless DC motor, and can be independently set with centrifugal force or rotation speed to meet the separation of platelets and a small amount of solvent. Intelligent interface, touch panel, digital display, full Chinese operating software, programs can be edited, can be saved, and desirable. 0-9 speed up / down, the centrifugal effect is best. The High Speed Microcentrifuge is equipped with various protections such as overspeed and unbalance, and has automatic fault diagnosis and protection function, electronic door lock, environmental protection and energy saving, ensuring personal and instrument safety.
  The high Speed Microcentrifuge uses the powerful centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to accelerate the sedimentation velocity of the particles in the liquid, and separate the sedimentation coefficient and the buoyant density of the sample. Therefore, it is necessary to use a centrifugal machine to generate a strong centrifugal force in order to force these particles to overcome the diffusion to produce a settling motion.
  High Speed Microcentrifuge is especially suitable for micro-filtration at high speed. The general speed is 16000r/min, and the capacity is relatively small. It is especially suitable for micro-filtration at high speed. The general speed is 16000r/min, and the capacity is relatively small. Brushless DC motor, fast lifting speed, no dust, maintenance-free. Electronic door locks are safe and reliable. Microcomputer control, the shape is optimized steel structure, exquisite and beautiful, digital display, switching display RCF centrifugal force, programming operation, easy to use.

High Speed Microcentrifuge

   high Speed Microcentrifuge features:
  * Using brushless DC motor, maintenance-free, fast speed up.
  * Microcomputer processor precise control, digital display of speed, temperature, time and other parameters, button programming, switching display operating parameters and RCF values.
  * Optimized non-fluorine refrigerant, no environmental pollution, and extremely fast cooling.
  * Electronic door lock, overspeed, over temperature, unbalanced automatic protection, the fuselage uses three layers of protective steel sleeve;
  * Using the company's unique spring taper sleeve to connect the rotor and the spindle, the loading and unloading rotor is quick and easy, non-directional, safe and reliable, and easy to use.
  * Three-stage vibration reduction, the centrifugal effect is optimal.
  High-speed centrifuges are important instruments used for scientific research and production departments such as medicine, life sciences, pharmacy, biology, chemistry, agricultural science, food and environmental protection, and widely meet the requirements of various scientific research experiments. high Speed Microcentrifuges are widely used in various medicines and biological products such as blood, cells, proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, viruses, hormones, and the like.