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Analysis of Centrifugal Separation Technology of Large Capacity Centrifuge

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  The large capacity centrifuge is a very stable device. It has a very low failure rate. It has many protection functions in the process of use, which can effectively ensure the safety of the equipment and users. Therefore, it is trusted by many consumers. 
  Centrifugal separation technology for large capacity centrifuges is a new technology developed based on the state of particles in a practical centrifugal environment. Particles of different densities, sizes, or shapes settle in different centrifugal situations, so a substadly, the device also uses brushless motor, microcomputer control, automatic calculation and setting of RCF, and multiple program protection, so when people are using it. It is simple and convenient. In addition, rubber and plastic sheet manufacturing manufacturer also said that the overall speed of the equipment is also very fast, but in order to ensure the safety of use, the staff must use the operation mode.
  High-capacity centrifuge's microcomputer control, high-definition large-screen LCD display, intuitive controls simplify operation, user-friendly operation of the touch screen interface, providing detailed information on various operating parameters and ideal performance processing status, easy to use. It has automatic rotor identification function and adopts food grade silicone rubber integral sealing ring, which is GMP certified. The large capacity centrifugehas 10 lifting speed programs, which realise the conversion and setting of reading between rpm/RCF, which is convenient and quick. And the acceleration and deceleration curve images are displayed synchronously to achieve better centrifugal effect. The large capacity centrifugehas various protection functions such as overspeed, unbalance, and door cover to ensure the safety and reliability of the instrument. A novel electronically controlled door locks that easily closes and safely locks the centrifuge. The large-capacity centrifugal chamber, space-saving design, and rich rotor specifications enable a multi-purpose machine.

Large capacity centrifuge

  Large capacity centrifuge product features:
  ●Drive: It adopts brushless DC motor drive, maintenance-free, high torque, fast lifting speed and special combination damping device to make the motor run smoothly.
  ● Display: Digital tube display LED or LCD display LCD, user option.
  LED display: intelligent control, touch panel, an intuitive digital display, automatic storage of operating parameters, RCF can be set directly.
  LCD display: It can store 40 kinds of custom working modes, jog function, short-term centrifugation, with 10 kinds of lifting rate, which is convenient for diversification and centrifugation, and the centrifugal effect is optimal.
  ● The Body: The body is made of high-quality steel structure, stainless steel centrifugal cavity, durable and easy to clean.
  ● Security: It has multiple protection functions such as self-locking, overspeed and unbalance of the door cover. It is equipped with an electronic door lock to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  ● Adaptation: It can be adapted to 5ml, 7ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30eliable operation.
  ● Adaptation: It can be adapted to 5ml, 7ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and other capacity adapters to meet customer need.
  How to use a large-capacity centrifuge:
  Firstly, the centrifuge tube of the machine is added to the material to be separated, and inserted into the hole of the centrifuge head. The mass of the material added to each centrifuge tube must be basically equal. Close the cover, turn on the power, press the select button, use ▲▼ Select the speed and working time you need, then press the approval button to confirm, then press the start button, and the centrifuge will enter the working state. An audible prompt is automatically generated when the set working time is reached.
  The large capacity centrifugeis a small-tube centrifuge used in schools, laboratories, research institutes, etc. It is a separation machine with high separation factor. The large capacity centrifugeis mainly used to separate various suspension that is difficult to separate and has a small solid content. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation with minimal concentration, small particle size, high viscosity and small difference in specific gravity between the two media.